New Directives: Kudos for Buhari, Knocks for Ministers


President Muhammadu Buhari has received praises from the members of the Re-build Nigeria Movement for defining access to his exalted office.

Speaking to the Newspaperman in Abuja on Wednesday, the President, Comrade James Erebuoye who is also the President of Concerned Nigerian Network in Diaspora commended the President for his boldness; “what are they seeing the President for?” he queried.  He said they have their mandate clearly spelt out; and they are appointed to help Mr. President deliver and not to come and sit with him in Aso Rock.  “We have to discourage this culture where at the slightest excuse you find ministers who are supposed to be working queuing up for hours waiting to see President”.

Describing this attitude as bad, the Comrade vowed that his must be allowed to continue.  “Everybody should go back to work; there are roads to be constructed; serious national issues to be tackled; that’s their job – not seeing the President”.

In a related development the leader of the Abuja based South East Professionals, Mr. Kenneth Okoh charged the new Ministers to go out and halt the spate of kidnapping, robbery, child abuse and hunger.  “The President is right to limit them”.