The on going inquiry of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) by the House of Representatives is fast becoming a circus and a national disgrace with claims and counter claims.  It is rapidly becoming an embarrassment to both local and international observers with the relevant powers unable to do anything. Now, Nigerians are calling for the immediate sack of the Honorable Minister of the Niger Delta Affairs–some actually say service commission should be added because he has callously assumed the role of the Managing Director of the commission.

With the stupendous revelation emanating from the inquiry, staggering amounts appears to have been stolen–or frittered away. Instead of executing projects beneficial to the people of Nigeria, those charged with the responsibility of supervising are having a bazaar while the Niger Delta’s are dying of  hunger, poverty and starvation. The movie  is without doubt a horror show and Nigerians are wondering why President Buhari, a reputed disciplinarian, continues to habour this so called Minister.

Meanwhile, at the grueling session held on Monday July, 20 at the National Assembly, the Managing Director, Prof Daniel Pondei,  collapsed and had to be rushed to the clinic where he was said to have been revived. But while Akpabio remains in charge and the President looks on, billions will continue to be stolen blindly. Sadly no one has resigned or apologized for disappointing Nigerians.