More Supporters Desert Oshiomole As Shaibu Carpets Him


These are not the best of times for sacked national chairman of the All Progressive Congress Party (APC) as more supporters desert his fast shrining camp. Worse still, the diminutive sharp talking and frail-looking former Labor Leader was heavily exposed by reigning deputy governor of Edo State Rtd. Hon. Phillip Shaibu who strongly appealed to Mr President to call him to order before he sets the State ablaze. “We cannot allow Oshiomole to destabilize the State; it was not done in his time as governor, and we will not allow him to do so now”, declared the deputy governor. “We supported him with everything we had including risk to our life and our family when he was governor”, he disclosed wondering what he, Oshiomole was still looking for in politics? Restating his loyalty to Obaseki, Hon. Phillip declared that Obaseki is his boss and he wasn’t going to abandon him for any reason. “I asked Oshiomole severally to explain what Obaseki has done to him and he couldn’t offer any cogent answer except to turn against me”, he explained. “Look at my house; it is full; if we were not popular people won’t be here”, he told the press. The deputy governor then went down memory lane recalling how he had fought against injustice from his days as NANS president even in the military days warning that Oshiomole has nothing to offer. He recalled how Oshiomole had used his influence as former national chairman to yank off popular names form the Assembly lists such as Damian Lawani in place of his stooges.  “That’s what he does; he even said that I was going to be replaced by his brother, one Seidi Oshiomole at the Assembly but for providence”, he revealed. The deputy governor blew open Oshiomole’s chameleonic behaviour narrating how he vowed the day that people would turn against him, he would exit politics “Now they are not only booing him, they are stoning him”, he said adding that “we will not allow him to succeed in his evil plans for Edo State” calling on those who know him to advise him to desist from stockpiling weapons. From investigations, it has been revealed that people troop to wherever Oshiomole is campaigning more out of curiosity than enthusiasm. They are shocked that instead of showing remorse Oshiomole actually doesn’t know when to throw in the towel. “We are surprised that an elder statesman like him is lying openly thinking that we are still children”, said one Nicholas Saidu in Jattu. “This is a man we all depend on to give us jobs in Abuja, now he is the one coming here to deceive us”, said another fellow who preferred anonymity. “What is he campaigning for anyway? asked another fellow simply described as “Solo”. “This is a terrible attitude and a bad example to the youths; teaching them how to lie in public”!