Message to Miyetti Allah: A New North Is Here


Unknown to many, a new north is emerging. Among those oblivious of this fact are the Miyetti Allah group. And in case you don’t know, Miyetti Allah pursues a course quite different from normal expectations. They are distinctly far removed from practical reality and reasonable existence.

Nevertheless, the scenario playing out is like this: One is the growing influence of  this same  abrasive “Miyetti Allah”, composed mainly of  nomadic cattle dealers; secondly,   the increasing generation of brilliant, literal and technologically inspired young vibrant boys and girls from the same north. . 

This development will arguably go down in history as one of the deep but astonishing mysteries enveloping that part of the country.  Whereas the spiteful Miyetti Allah group remain stagnated in traditional customs prides itself in mischievous primordial instincts, and retarded in crude vengeful procedures draped around issuance of threats, confrontations and even bloodletting.

Now fast forward to these new breed Northern boys and girls spread across elite schools, locally and abroad; they are the cynosure and admiration of all eyes; they are busy studying and churning out impressive credentials, to the delight of academic and intellectual professionals. These technically inspired boys and girls are even attracting attention from Ivy League schools, and on their merit occupying prestigious vantage positions in the society. 

They earn first class, produce fantastic results with IQ’s often beyond ordinary comprehension. They are the pride of the new north. It is therefore incredulous who these Miyetti Allah group are campaigning for? Why they are insistent on outdated grazing methods and encroach on other lands even if forcefully.

Thanks to modernity and now how beautiful to see these crop of new brigade steeped in knowledge comparable to technocrats from other lands; Surely, the next 20-30 years, these beautiful children would surely be the face of the new north-not these backwardly driven nomadic groups; howbeit, the only way for them to escape this avoidable systematic relegation to the forest is for them to change and embrace innovations.

This is the only available routes in a world that is shifting from electric to solar, electronic driven cars, bio metric identifications; so where is the place for Miyetti Allah to prosper? Is it not right time for them to re-integrate themselves back to normal existence, embrace acceptable rules and standards and move on with the rest of the world? For us here, there is no better time to shift grounds and turn a new leaf. Nigeria would certainly benefit from that dramatic decision—including their children who are expected to compete with these emerging bureaucrats.