Litany of Court Cases: A Slip Back To Medieval Days


Thank God President Buhari has at last done what has been expected of him by formally recognizing the Victor Giadom led Chairmanship at the APC secretariat. Hilliard Etta has all along played the demonic script written and handed over to him by the erstwhile leadership of comrade Adams Oshiomole. Too bad, the combative former chairman would still have been on seat had he listened to credible advice.

The days following his exit saw court judgments being obtained for a morsel of bread and sold for a shekel. It was as though Dagon the gods of the Philistines was at work wreaking havoc in camp of the once solid APC peaceful since the era of the liberal John Odigie Oyegun, himself a former governor. With the final intervention of the President, it is now time to call for the arrest of members of the kangaroo panel that disqualified Godwin Obaseki.

They have to be prosecuted because they were willing tool in the subversion of democracy. The hierarchy of the Federal Courts should also have a convention to urgently decide what is more important to them—the security of the country or the money that goes into their pockets. Otherwise it seems incredulous that anyone could obtain a court judgment for the fun of it. This is not a slip back to medieval days.