Letter to Godwin Obaseki: Stand Resolute; Defend Your Office-And the Masses


It is becoming evident by the day that the impending September 19 governorship elections are not likely to be a round table event; from the unfolding drama, it is more likely to be of a heavyweight boxing contest or better still a box office wrestling bout. This regrettable stance is obvious judging from the introduction of the underworld elements; “you do not expect a snail to attend a meeting called by animals with horns”, that is the problem; Obaseki, erroneously thought to be a greenhorn who was brought up to come “chop food” according to Oshiomole, now wants to prove he was the one that cooked the food in the first place. To them, that is sacrilege; so, obviously enraged, the real owners of the food, according to Oshiomole, are now out with their fangs to devour him—that’s how predators reason. The only language they understand is violence.  Obaseki may have escaped from their lethal grip when he took refuge in PDP. If you have ever come across a wild animal before, you will understand that there is nothing like peace talk or agreement.  You either run away or get devoured. After all, Oshiomole who is their kingpin had said before that if you are not adept at rigging, please do not contest any election; he told Saraki that, and afterwards led three prolong attack that toppled him from power.  He had warned him previously as senate president that he was going to be dislodged either by hook, illegal, or crooked —at least by any means possible, if not, all of the above! Such is the dreaded reputation of Oshiomole that Obaseki—who is supposed to be minced meat for them–is fixing his boxing gloves to fight them. How bold!  Recall, In 2018, along with some of his hideous co-collaborators, they haunted, dribbled, and cowardly removed a serving governor in Lagos with cosmopolitan demeanour; at least, in his own case they were civilized enough to allow him to contest in the primary where they crudely scored him zero even in his own yard; meaning that his family voted against him! In Obaseki’s case, for refusing to throw in the towel, when he saw the handwriting on the wall, despite harassing him,  they decided to play a fast one by showing their true colours—they unabashedly disqualified him outright; by limping to PDP where he was accepted with open arms became another problem; these people hate progress. No wild animal has ever left its prey breathing; now bigger masquerades in the person of a Benin based billionaire are unveiling themselves to complete the demolition job. Don’t forget the Igbo proverb that says “no matter how fearsome a masquerade is, it must have come out from a someone’s house”. The aim obviously is to make Edo State as ungovernable as possible so that the APC controlled Federal Government would systematically declare a state of emergency and then stylishly appoint an APC administrator who will then conduct a kangaroo election and subsequently edge Obaseki out.  If he –Obaseki—can not be beaten in an open contest, then let them beat him in the language he doesn’t understand—manipulation! This is technically the only way Obaseki—who is polished — could be defeated—by crude tactics– and this fact is not lost on the APC henchmen. That’s why the alleged APC thugs that waylaid the PDP convoy to the Oba’s palace is just a forerunner to the actual picture unfolding.  The newspaperman has carried out an indebt studies of the wherewithal formula for the much-touted APC victory; technically, it is not possible because all loopholes have been blocked. But the lessons are obvious: sadly, this is not an election to elect a governor for democracy and the masses; this is an election to subjugate the will and aspirations of the masses and by extension, expose the fallacy and pretence that the APC government is! This is a clear indication that the people coming to fight against Obaseki are not coming to defend the people; they are coming to uproot decency in place of poverty, starvation and hunger. The ethos of democracy is about to be truncated on the altar of deception—that is, and only when the reputation of Comrade Oshiomole is taken into consideration, then anything is possible, for his desperation this past few weeks is anything but dangerous. Moreover, the entrance of two national newspapers, both of them privately owned, with headquarters in Apapa and Matori showing open bias against Obaseki, raises the stakes; but again, Obaseki is no snail. Though a meeting of animals with horns may be on, let us not forget that the palm kernel may be hard, but it cannot resist being cracked by a hard stone! Whatever the APC is planning, they will not get an Oscar-prize for defeating Obaseki; using underworld means at this time when the world is consolidating on democracy shows how hardened and defiant they are. If the crime-infested environment whereby travellers cannot move freely without being killed is none of their business, then they must be prevented from being in Osadebay House. This is the message to Obaseki: Stay focused and fear no one. There is nothing they can do except to brag.