Lagos Okada Ban: Group Throws Weight behind Sanwo-Olu


The ban on Okada from plying certain areas in Lagos State has received unexpected boost from the Federal Capital, Abuja.  This is because a group known as the Abuja Professionals Association (APA) has labelled the decision as timely to guard against safety of lives, property and particularly against criminality. 

Addressing reporters, Chairman of the Association, Mr. Kenneth Okoh heaped praises on Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for finding the courage to take the step.  “The decision may not be popular; but as Governor of Lagos State, he is duty bound to protect lives and property”, he stated.  Mr. Okoh said Governor Sanwo-Olu is discharging his duties as expected.  “People have to believe that the Governor did not just wake up to impose the ban”. 

The Chairman disclosed that a long negotiation must have taken place before such as move.  “We have not met Sanwo-Olu face to face before; but from his action and utterances, he must be a good listener and a team player” he explained.  “We support his actions and encourage him to extend such bold decisions to other critical areas in the State”, said Mr. Okoh.

  The Chairman further disclosed that with time, the Okada rider would find other profitable vocations.  He allayed the fears being entertained in some quarters that they are sure the government would put in place some palliatives.  “Governor Sanwo-Olu is a good listener; along with his advisers, they will come up with acceptable alternatives”, he said.  Since assumption of office, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has endeared himself into the hearts of Lagosians; he has led an open-door administration to date and shown himself to be a party/team player.