Iran’s Obduracy in the Middle East


Iran’s revolutionary leaders appears bent on one course of action: Military confrontations! Where they are not combative enough, they are sponsoring rebellious groups, terrorists, especially the Middle East; it is doubtful if their television and radio stations broadcast any other message other than pouring invectives on Donald Trump or issuing annihilation threats to Israel.  The gulf channel has lately been added to their growing point of recalcitrance. 

 The government of Iran ought to do more on provision of social amenities, infrastructure, but the Ali Khameni group would only focus on assembling nuclear arsenals and only that.  The world is governed by laws but the Iranians resent this and seem to be more at home with crude tactics, guerilla warfare and testing missiles.  This is not the way to give the upcoming generation of Iranians a future to look up to. 

They are in Syria, Lebanon and in Palestine struggling to equip Hama’s– strangely quiet these days– and Hezbollah who now boost of over 150,000 rockets aimed at Israel to show for it.

Who can rein in Iran?  The world needs peace – not the type of cantankerous blast from the Ayatollahs. 

If they are sure of themselves let them throw their heart into the ring – go ahead, shoot down America, wipe out Israel.  The sabre rattling from Iran is too much.  The world can do without this!