Iran: The Shape of Future Middle East and Regional Domination


Let’s look at it this way: ten years from now, how will the Middle East look like? Right now, Iran is busy trying to outsmart the rest of the world with its determination to enrich uranium to weapons-grade; it has acquired technologies for precision ballistic missiles, developed submarines, aircraft carriers, warships of all grade; it has spread its tentacles to reach Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon; its proxies Hezbollah, Hamas and pockets of Syrian based warlords have been strengthened and longing for war.

It is obvious Iran is not acquiring these weapons for a picnic. Despite denials and insistence, the indications point to the latter. No country spends billions on military hardware to remain content with peace talks. They have also come up with renegade groups inside Iraq who threaten American bases at the flimsiest of excuses. Iran is hell-bent on pushing ahead with dominating the region. The relentless arms build-up and Iranian proxies surrounding the Jewish State of Israel is surely not for a genuine purpose.

Iran does not want to get involved in diplomacy and favors political standoff in matters of International relations. This is why there is a stalemate in the nuclear talks. They are now more in the news only perhaps rivaled by North Korea, also a renegade enclave. Besides Iran does not hide its intention of destroying the world’s only Jewish State, spreading anti-Semitism, denying the holocaust, and even proposing legislation calling for Israel’s destruction by the year 2041. But the stubborn posture of Iran is not being taken lightly by Israel. Long arch enemies, the Jewish State has vowed never to allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons fearing that the endgame would be to eliminate the Jewish State.

This is why it has stepped up disruption campaigns within and outside Iran by causing serious damage to its military installations located inside Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. The Jewish State has also extended its deadly assault to within inches inside Iran allegedly killing suspected scientists and personnel linked to its nuclear weapon program. Recently, The Israeli Military Chief of Staff Gen. Aviv Kochavi reiterated that all options including military operation are on the table in case Iran vows to go ahead with its secret nuclear quest. Israel’s posture is coming on the heels of America’s flip-flop policies towards the recalcitrant Middle East powerhouse.

For years, America has dilly-dallied and this worsened in the years of Barrack Obama who even pacified the Persian state by engaging in the peace deal that saw billions released to them in exchange. The billions in turn found their way to proxies in various parts of the world endangering world peace. That peace deal emboldened Iran to make more demands from the United Nations, a move seen by Israel as dangerous. The policies of America under the Democrats is likely to be more of non-committal diplomacy than actual persuasion to relinquish the thirst for nuclear bombs. This is what the Israelis see as betrayal and they have warned repeatedly about the consequences.

If nothing is done to rein in Iran, then, in a few years from now the world may be dragged into another cauldron in that region. Israel, known for its boldness, will certainly carry out its threat of destroying Iranian nuclear installations—be it in Arak, Bushehr, Isfahan, Natanz, Parchin, or Fordow. Israelis believe that the Americans will eventually disappoint and leave them to their fate. Therefore, it is safe to assume that in ten years from now, the Middle East will definitely be engulfed in smoke with either the Iranians or the Israelis retreating.