Ippis Will Accommodate All-Ahmed Idris, Fcna


The Federal Government has explained that the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS0 is robust enough to accommodate and efficiently address all genuine concerns and peculiarities in the Nigerian Universities.

These were the remarks of Ahmed Idris, Fcna, and Accountant –General of the Federation (AGF) when a committee of Vice-Chancellors visited his office in Abuja. The Vice-Chancellors had raised concerns based on their recent enrollment into IPPIS and were quickly assured of their safety. “All rules and peculiarities in the Universities that are recognized by the government will be accommodated and implemented through IPPIS”, stated Idris.

Furt6hermore, the AGF said IPPIS was not to take away their autonomy but to make the management of personnel more efficient. “The IPPIS would help universities solve the problem of shortfall in personnel revenue as the recruitment and remuneration of staff would be more efficient”, he stressed. Prof Muhammed Bello, Vice-Chancellor of the Bayero University later thanked the AGF for his prompt response to their fears.