Ihedioha: Mbaka Did Not Hear From God!


Acting on the heels of the controversial prophecy of Rev. Mbaka on the exit of Rt.Hon. Emeka Ihedioha and the installation of chief Hope Uzodinma as the new governor of Imo state by the supreme court of Nigeria, the Association of Concerned Nigerian Citizens have come out to dismiss the claim by Rev. Father Mbaka that God told him that  His Excellency Hope Uzodinma will replace Rtd. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha; they also debunked the so-called prophetic prowess of the Reverend as nothing short of brain work and permutations.

 Rev Mbaka had during his cross over night service at the Adoration grounds revealed that Emeka Ihedioha would be removed as the governor of Imo which eventually came to pass thanks to the Supreme Court of Nigeria!

 But the Association acting at the behest of its Secretary – General, Chief Rufus Edowaiye dismissed the outcome as the result of God’s plan for the people of Imo state.  “For sure Rev Mbaka did not hear from God; God should not be dragged into shady deals”, he told his audience.  ‘’Nobody told him anything, not even satan’’, he continued.  ‘’ it is possible he has delved into politics, I don’t know, but what is clear is that he spoke from his mind; he concluded.         

The Association advised Rev. Mbaka to channel his prophecies at eradicating poverty, revamping the scores of people with disabilities crying for attention; “he should desist from gambling with people lives”, a fellow who said he has been seeking for spiritual help from him volunteered. “I tried to see him several times; but as you know, I have no money to give to him, so I have remained with my problem”, he lamented. “Why did he not make prediction that would have curtailed the excesses exhibited by Rochas?” another questioned.