Group Tells Tinubu: Put Your House in Order Before You Venture Out!


A frontline group calling itself the Committee for Good Governance and Better Security for Nigerians (GGBSN) has called on Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the National Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) to put his house in order before seeking any elective office in the land. The Committee gave the advice in a communique issued at the end of its 13th annual general meeting held in Enugu. In the communique signed by its President and Secretary-General Chief Titus Ogbonna and Ismail Ibrahim, they commended the national leader for his tireless efforts to contribute to the overall welfare of Nigerians by volunteering himself for the position of the president of the nation.

The communique noted that while there is nothing wrong with that ambition, the national leader must ensure that his house is in order before embarking on such a mission. The communique suggested to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu whether it would not be better for him to throw his heart in the ring `with a “full house” rather than a divided entity. The communique asked the national leader to look back and see whether all is well with his household and if not do the needful. Whereas he has all the credentials necessary to aspire for the highest office in the land, the same is not true of the unity in his household.

The communique suggested that if the Asiwaju’s house is in order, he should not be the one doing the mobilization. The communique regretted that what is at play are the same symptoms that have stagnated the nation for many years. The communique wondered why the Yoruba race does not have an ideology or a blueprint that would see to the emancipation of the entire race rather than these ad-hoc measures that only project the aspiration of just one person!

The communique stressed the need for cumulative practice and unity aimed at lifting the general masses out of poverty and set a benchmark for dramatic transformation and growth. The communique referred to the destruction of national values in place of the enthronement of personal aspirations. “This cannot take the country forward”, the communique observed. The communique, therefore, enjoined the Asiwaju to brace up and go back to basics: bring back all those he has offended and ensure solidarity.

The communique lamented that the type of politics the Asiwaju should not indulge in are the type that ruined the nation in the past; the type that aborted the dreams of making Nigeria an Industrialized nation. The communique asked Bola Tinubu to look back and see: what happened to the Ojo based Volkswagen Assembly Plant commissioned in 1975? Similarly, he should ask himself what happened to Peugeot Manufacturing Company in Kaduna? What about the Textile Industries in Nigeria, the epileptic power supply, not to mention the scary rise in Insurgency? The communique added that leadership in Nigeria has been plagued by opportunistic and selfish persons who thrive in destroying the values of the entire race.

The communique wants future leaders of Nigeria to be above board, pettiness, and cheap popularity. The communique observed that unless the Asiwaju resolves the issues in his house, it would be difficult for him to make any inroads. “You cannot trample upon the rights of anyone be it a child and expect karma to work in your favor”, stated the communique. “That’s a sheer pipe dream”. The communique further noted.  Charity begins at home, the communique noted. The masquerade that wants to go out to dance must first show to his household that he can indeed dance.

Tinubu is daggers drawn with a host of power block in the Yoruba ranks. Benin’s have a parable that “the man who would have spoken the truth in the palace lacks the apparel to wear to the palace”. Tinubu must depart from semantics and show proof that he can rise above grudges.