Group Questions Aso Rock Romance with Jonathan Says It’s Creek Gift


The Rights Group Concerned Citizens for Equity, Justice and Preservation of Nigeria has come out to question the seeming romance between former president Jonathan and those in the corridor of power. The brokers have come out of late to extoll his sterling qualities and character in a book lunch which took place at the capital city of Abuja. But the Rights group has urged him not to fall for the old tricks of wowing because at the end lies only destruction.

It would be recalled that owing to the woeful performance of the current administration and unprecedented rise in insecurity, Jonathan’s administration with its own basketful of corruption has suddenly been made to look like a saint. “Has Nigerians forgotten so soon the prolific betrayal of former petroleum minister Dizeani Alison Madueke? The plundering and sharing of the nation’s wealth via the former NSA? How billions were given to individuals just to manipulate Jonathans stay in office?

If they have forgotten, the statement issued by the group and signed by its secretary-general reminds the nation about the heist committed by the president’s wife and how Aso Rock was turned to “atm”! “Are they saying that Jonathan should come back and continue that evil reign?” questioned the group.

The statement expressed disgust at those who call the shots lambasting them for wasting the lives of the present and ageing generation of Nigerians through chicanery. “People just come to the office and go to sleep only to wake up during sharing f allocation”, the statement revealed and then asked, “why can’t our leaders be sincere for once?” “Somebody came out recently to tell Nigerian he belongs to nobody and everybody; today, it is glaring where he belongs”, the statement decried.