Group Hails Buhari Urges Him to Sack His Entire Cabinet


A frontline group called Concerned Citizens against Poverty and Unemployment (CCAPU) has hailed President Muhammadu Buhari for relieving the service chiefs of their appointments. The group while commending the decision also called on the president to make the changes a clean slate by dissolving the entire ministerial cabinet. The group urged the president not to hesitate in wielding the big stick because his entire cabinet has failed the nation.

In a statement signed by its Secretary-General Alhaji Rilwanu Lukeman and made available to the newspaperman, the group lamented the high level of indolence exhibited by serving ministers which have plunged the nation into abject poverty and paralysis. “People are jubilating the sack of the service chiefs, but here we are with the worst set of ministers in the history of this country”, disclosed Alhaji Rilwan. He said there was actually nothing to cheer about because the biggest culprits for the economic meltdown are this set of ministers. “They lack vision, ideas and are extremely divisive in administration”, Alhaji Rilwan declared further.

The statement observed that if the president is really desirous of serious change there must be a systematic purge. “The roads are bad, there is the epileptic power supply, there is hyperinflation, hunger, poverty, despite our rich resources”, Alhaji Rilwan charged further. Ordinarily, the president ought not to give a second thought to dismiss them because it is his credibility that is at stake. “Show me one good work of any of the ministers and I will gladly support their continued stay in office”, he declared stressing that is the reason Nigeria has been designated as the poverty capital of the world!

The Secretary-General explained that should the ministers be sacked and new ones come on board, the country would have a breath of space and possibly rapid progress. “We want to see people who can perform; they are everywhere—vibrant young Nigerians who are ready to give their all” he said. Moreover, the arrival of new faces according to the group would inject discipline into government affairs and bring in the much-needed change.  “We cannot go further with these type of people who only think of themselves,” said Alhaji Rilwan.

Hopefully, the way the service chiefs were relieved of their appointment would be the same way the announcement dissolving the cabinet would come! At this time, the president should truly pander to the wishes of Nigerians.