Group Clamor for Us Trained Medic as Next Governor of Anambra State


Who is this relatively unknown Nigerian in such a heavy demand by his people? This is the big puzzle as our reporters set out to beam their searchlight on the publicity-shy juggernaut.  For starters, just like footballers like Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo are bury smashing one world record after the other, so also this enigma is traversing his might across his little known home town called Umuchukwu, formerly Nkerefi in Orumba South Local Government Area, Anambra State.

What majority of governors have repeatedly failed to do, this middle-aged US-based Nigerian trained Pain and Stress Specialists is doing –absolutely for free. A rundown of some of his unbelievable philanthropic projects would look like a tale from Cinderella. The sleepy, dark strewn and foggy village of Umuchukwu has suddenly transformed into a new look with massive structures springing daily from out of the bosom of the obviously predominant farmers.

Virtually all the thatched roof and mud draped village huts have been strikingly converted to decent cement structures with aluminium roofing; widows have been rehabilitated with hundreds of brand new bungalows, churches and mosques,  for Catholics and Anglicans built to taste; police stations, post office blocks, health centres, primary and secondary schools scattered all over the once stagnant village settlement. New markets, skill acquisition centres, hospitals and hotels are not left out, a four-story five-star hotel added with panache, a resort, vocational centre, town halls and village halls encompass the village.

Scholarships have been doled out to the boys and girls, buses provided for smooth transportation; a new civil defence office, modern barrack for Nigeria Police and to crown it, a 17 story signature classy building –the only type of its kind in the south-east— erected. He even had the time to build Murder State High Court, recreation centres, market square, this Nigerian is too much.  But the biggest beneficiaries of all are Widows who are now proud owners of bungalows—hundreds of them and handed to them as their own!

The man who is doing all these and not a politician yet is the magical 57-year-old Dr Godwin Maduka –no relation to Dr Cosmos Maduka the Coscharis sensation. Maduka is the Chief Executive of US-based Pain Hospitals and Medical Center, one of the largest Pain Treatment Centers located in Nevada, Las Vegas! Would he be the next governor of Anambra State? This is what His Royal Highness Prince Uche Egenti is asking.