Group calls for Scrapping of Nigeria Senate


The South East Professionals led by Mr. Kenneth Okoh has sounded a note of warning to the Nigerian senators: account for those alleged 100 employment slots from FIRS or face dissolution. Mr. Kenneth then called for the scrapping of the Nigerian senate. He made the call in frustration of the alleged cornering of over 100 employent slots believed to have been allocated to the senators for their children, associates and proxies. “This is the height of insensitivity and treachery in our dear country”, Mr. Ken blotted out. “So, people who dont have connections in the senate are consigned to suffer forever?”, he asked. The President disclosed that Mr. Babatunde Fowler, the Executive Chairman of FIRS beleived to have given the slots should be held accountable and all the senators sanctioned. ” We need to have a country where laws are allowed to operate”, he explained. Mr. Ken adduced that if this is the way those elected wants to behave then, there is no hope for the common youths. Mr. Ken also lamented that the actions of the senators spells doom for our country, stressing that this was unnecessary. ” We must be held accountable for our actions; our senators must know that they are not above the law”.