Group Calls for Sack of CBN Governor


An Abuja based Group known as the Association for Better Nigeria (AFBN) has called for the outright sack of the current Central Bank Governor, Chief Godwin Emiefele from office.  The Group through its spokesperson, Alhaji Jafaru Alidu branded Chief Emiefele as “bourgevise” who is always self-seeking, opportunistic and parochial.  The Group allege that Chief Emiefele’s policies have never been in favour of the poverty stricken Nigerians, instead always fostering the pocket of the rich.  Alhaji Jafaru hinted that under Emiefiele, secret employments have been on-going including lopsided awards of contracts to cronies and associates.

Alhaji Jafaru vowed that his Group was getting prepared to organise a 500 man peaceful march on the streets of Abuja to persuade Mr. President to revisit the removal of Emiefele’s appointment.  Alhaji Jafaru charged that Mr. President should take a closer look at how Chief Emiefele runs the Apex Financial Institution contending that Chief Godwin Emiefele cannot be allowed to eat his cake and have it.  “We are all stakeholders in the project called Nigeria and Chief Emiefele cannot ensconced himself at the CBN without the searchlight beamed on him”, disclosed Alhaji Jararu.  The Group hinted that the proposed 500 man march was aimed at probity, accountability and transparency as espoused by President Buhari.