Group Blast Nigeria Governors for exhibiting symptoms of Olympian Status


A Group called the Renaissance for New Nigeria (RFNN) has lashed out at the attitude of some Nigerian Governors for being too proud and haughty. The pride they say goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before fall! Pride is dangerous and does not allow for listening to wisdom. The Group through their Secretary-General Stephen Akande described the attitude of some Nigerian Governors as very “bad” and “regretful”. “That’s how they have been missing out in their social responsibility to the people”, he stated. “We can’t have a governor you cannot have access to, cannot call, send a message and you get the response”, he decried. ‘How will they prosper or deliver on their mandate?”, he questioned. An investigation by the Newspaperman actually confirmed nothing less since calls and messages sent to select governors as example were never returned. “That’s sheer arrogance”, Mr. Stephen blotted out. “You cannot have that type of spirit and expect to do the right thing”, he disclosed. He lamented that Nigerian governors cannot simply dedicate time for the less privileged people—even their former friends. Their personal assistants have further complicated matters. “what beats us the most is that you see them in newspapers, television espousing some bogus ideologies whereas they are the biggest flops ever”, he said. Further investigation revealed that some Nigerian governors are practically detached from their people. Many of them are there for their personal interest, and some having served twice still want to be relevant. “Look at the Ebonyi State Governor who has just decamped to the APC for example, would he honestly say that move is for the national interest? the answer is big No”.   “Meanwhile, I have spent the last two years trying to reach a particular governor in the southwest”, another fellow bellowed. “All calls to his mobile phone are never replied, but I see him all the time but his bodyguards never allow me to go near him. “That’s disdainful”, he warned. “They behave like tin-gods…people who are living in Olympian heights”, he stated. Actually, some Nigerian governors need to come down from their high horse. “Afterall, they are human and not different from the ordinary beings on the road”, said Mr. Stephen. “That’s why they end up never accomplishing anything”, another observer remarked.