Group Bemoans Government’s Continued Retention of Fashola.


At last, the day of reckoning may be drawing near for the passive Federal Works Minister Mr Babatunde Fashola. Nigerians across the board regard him as one of the Ministers with very poor performance. In a statement obtained by our reporters, at a recent event, a group known as the League of Patriotic Nigerians(LPN) wondered why the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari was still retaining the works minister who has completely abdicated his responsibilities. “Sometimes, we wonder if there is any other motive for his continued retention”, the statement read.

“Since the inception of the Buhari administration, major road networks have been left undone”, the statement observed. The statement cited the Abuja-Kaduna expressway, the Abuja-Lokoja-Okene-Okpella –Auchi expressway as another example of a glaring failure. “These are major road arteries that everyone traverses, yet, it is 6 years into this administration and all we hear are common radio announcements, board meetings and so on and so forth”, the group noted.

They said, besides ordinary treats to contractors to move to site, the minister is just a mere shadow in the scheme of things constantly mouthing rhetoric’s and grandstanding! “This is the worst minister for works ever produced by this country”, the statement observed. In another development, the spate of hijacking, kidnapping and robbery has been attributed to bad roads left unrepaired for many years. “We don’t know why President Buhari is turning a blind eye to this apparent flaw, but in the interest of innocent Nigerians, the man ought to resign and leave”, said the group.

They accused Fashola of being insensitive to the daily bloodletting as a result of avoidable accidents. “Some people in Nigeria simply hold political office to further their interest without caring for what happens to the rest of the country; this is too bad bemoaned the group. When it comes to daily press briefings, Fashola is 100% at his best; but when it has to do with performance, it’s zero”, the group wrote. Nevertheless, Nigerians are in total agreement, that the works minister has not impressed at all and history would judge him accordingly.