Goodluck Jonathan: Take Heed and Beware


By Charles Abulime, staff reporter, Kaduna

So many people have been asking the question: does former president Goodluck Jonathan has an ace up his sleeve? To this question, perhaps facts and figures would provide answers.  The biggest story in Nigeria today is the issue of the former president putting his hat in the ring as a presidential aspirant. Only a few years ago, he was described as “clueless”, “incompetent” and more debasing, a “drunkard”.

Millions of Nigerians may have a short memory, but those who remain active, untainted, cannot forget the bazaar and daylight thievery that trailed his six turbulent years in office. One of the never to be forgotten examples remains the manner billions of dollars were shared in broad daylight on the streets of the Federal Capital Territory under the guise of satisfying the various political power blocks.

Dollars! Nigeria’s hard-earned currency was completely rubbished and no wonder when the 2015 elections were held, Jonathan was booted out of office! An incumbent was thrown out of office by an outsider! So, what has changed in six short years to warrant his motley group of supporters pushing for his return? Again, the only answer here is that they are unpatriotic. They can’t be speaking for Nigerians. How can anyone forget the massive Estates, Mansions, Chateaus, illegally acquired all over the world by this man and his corrupt set of ministers?

His former petroleum minister’s name still rings a bell.  How can anyone forget so soon the popular Edwin Clark regular mantra “Jonathan na our son”—not that of the nation? What about the voracious appetite exhibited by his wife as First lady? Her properties are scattered all over the seat of government.  Does it say much that such a man who ought to be thanking his stars for escaping with his skin those corrupt ridden years is contemplating rearing his head once again?

Even thinking of ditching his PDP stronghold says much of his character. If others are decamping, certainly not Jonathan. He is about to shred whatever is left of his reputation. Let us hope the news is mere rumours. The grim spectacle of having another Jonathan presidency is too scary for any reasonable Nigerian to contemplate. The nation at the moment is on the brink; so the man who was described as “clueless”, where is the magic he is coming to perform?

If he is the only one of the 200 million Nigerians the APC could produce, then your guess is as good as mine. No wonder the nation is in shambles today. There are some things people pray for, but certainly, this is not one. The only advice to him is to take heed and beware; no single Nigerian who witnessed his disastrous reign would ever imagine his return; maybe his supporters who are nothing but charlatans and jesters. Oh common, this must all be a joke—and a dream!