Gloom for Oshiomole, Ize Iyamu as Obaseki’s Star Glows in Pdp.


At last, speculations have turned to reality as H.E. Godwin Obaseki along with his entire supporters has joined the People’s Democratic Party of Nigeria. The news was made public following series of official consultations with party big wigs. This move—a PDP gain and obviously APC lose is the direct result of Oshiomole’s inexplicable rift with his home State governor-regardless of the endless plea for him to soft pedal.

Oshiomole even ended up coming on the network television to describe Obaseki as “good riddance to bad rubbish”—an extremely childish and condemnable action! This repressive stance notwithstanding, Oshiomole’s supporters where still hopeful insisting that the supreme court will reinstate their “chairman”; that again has been truncated as the supreme court has thrown away his suit seeking for a reversal; Pastor Ize Iyamu himself—the candidate Oshiomole imported to unseat Obaseki—has had his fortune nosedived with a N700 million fraud case hanging on his neck and about to be resurrected.

Now, with Oshiomole disgraced and ot of the way, political pundits are calling for the arrest and prosecution of the five professors Oshiomole used to frustrate Obaseki out of APC and subsequently imperil the chances of his south west principal in the 2023 presidential permutations. Meanwhile, an Opinion Poll hastily conducted recently –it will be made public shortly—concludes that despite the olive branch extended to him by the APC        through Victor Giadom, the current acting national chairman, Obaseki should not re-join APC because Oshiomole still has supporters within the NWC ranks and could scuttle his ambition. “We have left Egypt”, explained one of his supporters”, and even if PDP is desert, we will die here”.

Chanting Obaseki, Obaseki all the way, his supporters had thronged the East Circular headquarters of the PDP to receive their man Obaseki. Hon. Tony Azeigbeme officially presented a certificate to him as member. With this development the entire Edo State is in jubilation signifying the eternal hatred for comrade Adams oshiomole the proponent and specialists of “stomach infrastructure fame”. He has stolen too much for the owners to see; now it is payback time. As for Ize Iyamu, he should have known that State treasury is not his father’s property”, stated a young Benin artist. “He should go and look for gainful employment”, he added.