Gbajabiamila and the Controversial Infectious Disease Bill.

Femi Gbajabiamila

The bill sneaked into the House of Representatives, passed the first and second reading and was eventually halted on its dirty tracks on the verge of the third and final reading. The laughable side to this ugly drama was that members neither received advanced copies of the bill nor were they allowed to go through the contents. But we reject this anyway; we do not want to agree that members compromised their conscience either. Nevertheless, no amount of financial inducement should have allowed them to attempt such horrible exercise without consideration for the lives of millions of Nigerians including theirs that would have been lost.

What more, we have always said it that no one is under any obligation to entertain any venture that is against his conscience, no matter the pecuniary gain; there is always the option of resignation. This sordid act of selling our conscience just at the whiff of money should be strongly condemned and whoever is found culpable should be prosecuted. Imagine the paradox that at a time advanced countries are losing thousands of souls to this terrible covid-19 pandemic, some elected Nigerian leaders are playing “kalo-kalo” with it.

We have suffered a lot; this is a clime that hunger alone is ravaging not to mention the havoc had this childish but dangerous venture scaled through. Why the hurry anyway? No vaccine has yet been produced, let alone certified; so one wonders why the hurry in the first place? Though the rumour has been abroad for long, the shock here is that it actually materialised right here in our midst-from dream to grim reality.

Thank God for the efficiency of the social media, otherwise, Nigerian leaders have become so complacent with immorality, with little or no ethical regard not to mention integrity. Man! How they have turned the business of legislation into “business-as –usual”! This is not acceptable. They are elected to protect life and property-not to push Nigerians towards concentration camps such as obtained in Bergen-Belson– welcome to Sobibor! Isn’t it enough that our so-called “home grown” democracy is being practiced upside down and has, in fact, stagnated the country?

What more, as the reality of the fabled biblical “666” tale stares us in the face, the big puzzle is the ominous silence by all the critics of yesteryears whose voices were strident-driving fears into the hearts of government operatives. Now it has taken former senator representing Kogi Central Dino Meleye to address this betrayal. The former senator told the press “I have just filed a court action against the Speaker and House of Representatives on this wicked bill initiated by Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila at the Federal High Court, Abuja”.

That it took only the boldness of the former senator to challenge this act is more than commendable. But the reality is that the nation is either cowed or too numb to react. That is the extent of the pauperisation of the country under the All Progressive Congress government that chides itself in championing the change mantra.

By this very act, they have clearly shown that human lives are worth nothing to them.. The good news however is that, God will expose all secrets-no matter how well kept. The controversial Infectious disease bill should be dropped. We rest our case.