Foreign: Trump Consolidates; Fires Two Former Aides


The combative President Donald Trump fresh from his narrow escape from being removed from office has wasted no time in wielding the big stick; he fired two key impeachment witnesses: Lt. Col. Yaugemy Windman, a lawyer for the National Security Civil Authority and Godwin Soundland, US Ambassador to the European Union.  

Trump had previously fired one Sally Yates (fmr. Acting Attorney-General), James Comey (FBI Director), Andrew McCabe (Deputy FBI Director), Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson. James Mattis had quit in protest.  The bottom line is this: America may no longer be the same.  With Washington Post, New York Times all signaling their readiness to take the battle further and with President Trump becoming adamant, Americans should gear up for more fireworks.  Nancy Pelosi is waiting by the corner still licking her wounds, obviously bruised by Trump’s irascible acts. 

Between Trump and the Speaker the last has certainly not be heard.  Though majority of Americans feel their President has not lived up to expectation, their manner of conveying the message is what irks Trump.  Disrespect!  That’s the way he sees it and rightly fighting back!