Federal Appointments: Who Will Advise Buhari?


As the scales of political appointments tilts heavily in favor of a particular section of the country, confusing signals have begun to envelope the nation.  Almost daily, Nigerians wake up to behold the wave of political appointments streaming the way of the President’s kinsmen. 

There is even now a new dimension: “professionalism” may have been sacrificed in place of ethnicity.  The appointment of Mr. Muhammad Nani, a Sociology graduate into such a large based financial Institution as Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) simply because of where he comes from is being regarded as a drastic shift from putting round pegs in round holes.

Add the appointments of the Director-Generals for the Rural Electrification (REA) and Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency’s (NITDA) and the replacement of Mr. Samson Osagie, former Executive Director with Nigerian Satellite Communication Agency with a Northerner; these are, according to reports unhealthy.

Recently, Mallam Yusuf Kazure (Replaced George Nnadubulem Moghalu) as CEO/MD; Dr Abubaka Sa’id also replaced Pro. Adeolu Akande at NITDA (Board Chairman).  “Yes, Buhari is the President of Nigeria; but the signals from the trend of his appointments shows apparently he may not be reading the mood of the people. “By all standards, his actions are incredibly sectional and misguided” decried Chief Mike Okpara.

The real minus here is that there is no hiatus; the President’s attitude appears to be a cart blanche; he barely makes attempt to disguise his tamp down on other citizens under his leadership.  The President’s snarky attitude is rather breeding resentment not to mention the rising wave of insecurity in the land.