Features: Decision Making in The APC and The Level of Indiscretion


By Sule Ahmed Oyofo, editor-in-chief, Abuja.

I drove out from the house this morning feeling a little bit depressed; my destination was the Bank to try to find solution to the mounting challenges—socially and politically. But I was more worried about the political situation revolving round my country. Ever since the APC flagbearer announced Shettima Kashim as his running mate, I wondered why. This guy is well known as having links with the dreaded insurgents back home in Borno State where he was two-time governor.

That alone would have been enough to edge him out of the race. But as you may well know, this is a country that individuals are becoming more powerful and they will  stop at nothing to twist the law. The choice of Shettima conflicts with the nations federal character principle; it also depicts insensitivity and the fear of God. Where is this coming from, I questioned myself though I recall El-Rufai of Kaduna State was actually the first to give the act a shot; nevertheless, I got to the bank where I met a friend who had just finished his transaction and was on his way out. Briefly, we exchanged pleasantries and asked after each other’s family.

Both of us pretended as though we were happy to see each other; hurriedly,  I asked if he was pleased with the choice of Shettima Kashim as Bola Tinubu’s running mate. My friend shrugged and grinned before flashing a cold look at me and then blorted out saying what difference does it make anyway. “how can anyone be pleased?”, he replied; in a flash, he wiped out his IPhone and showed me a video clip of some supposed “clergymen” marching briskly into the venue of Shettima’s unveiling and another where Shettima was praising them for their “patriotism” by attending the unveiling. I looked at the video not too shocked.

I mean anyone living in APC’s Nigeria ought not to be surprised by these bizarre spectacles. In the video, Shettima looked furtive, like someone having something to hide; I thought he was frightened; then he took a glance at the gallery where his hired “clergymen” had positioned themselves and in a thoughtless speech went on to “hail” them for their “boldness” to attend the ceremony. This happened under the full glare of supposed “distinguished” men and women including the current APC Chairman senator Adamu Abdullahi who has almost brought the party to her knees with his ruinous decisions. In just few months he has almost succeeded in destroying whatever was left of the carcass of the ruling party.

Amazingly, this abominable  act may not create any impression on Nigerians; they have developed thick skin to APC ‘s charade as “leaders”. The action of these impostors is reminiscent of the degeneration Nigeria is going through under this APC administration. The “clergymen’, as was exposed afterwards turned out to be mechanics and artisans.  Luckily for us, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has swiftly come out to condemn their perfidious actions and described them as shameless. Yet, as we made to leave, I reminded my friend that Bola Ahmed Tinubu, also known secretly as “Yekini Amuda Ogunlere” the APC flagbearer was no less shadowy.

My friend shook his head and sadly told me to hold my breath. When my eyes jammed with his again, I saw that they had turned grey and his visage fiery. “This fellow thinks he is bigger than this country”, he charged. “Because of his obdurate ambition to rule this country at all cost, he has introduced all sorts of repulsive, mischievous strategies”, he roared. “No one knows anything about him and he has reduced every conceivable political activity to cash”, he stated. We were now outside the banking premises and the air was cold-and soothing. The rain drizzled but we managed it to our cars.

There I told him that what was more appalling to me was the behavior of the APC chairman. “This guy is in the same mold with Bola Tinubu; since he tried to smuggle senator Ahmed Lawan as the preferred candidate or what you call “consensus”, I lost faith in him. “Oh, that? Has he not lost Osun State election? Is there any bigger disgrace than losing a seat occupied by an incumbent?”, he said adding that more punishment was coming. My friend grimaced and said he doesn’t know how God tolerates these people. “Do you know what it means to impersonate a priest and actually play the script?

That is the height of indiscretion from the ruling All Progressive Congress party”, he said. “Oh, you see, campaign has not started and yet they are pulling these type of stunts; so imagine what would happen when they find themselves in the corridors of power?” My friend gave a snarl and did not try to hide his dislike for the APC, “I pray they don’t; their coming to power in the first place was an aberration”, he told me, warning that this time they have hit the rock. I tried to calm him down by smiling, but instead my face carried a frown. You cannot hide disgust, really. Listen man, I told him; they don’t even have respect for Christians, that’s why they went for same religion’s ticket.

I said to him that another big surprise to me was the manner APC governors are dancing around Bola Ahmed Tinubu despite what he did to a former colleague of theirs. “Oh my God; they say he treated him that way because he is a Christian and forgave Fashola because he is a Muslim”, my friend lamented. At this point, the rains came down and we had to hurriedly disperse. But I left with the impression that the APC lacks integrity and people of dependable character. I am convinced they do not mean well for Nigerians. Already the country is reeling from ceaseless killings and bloodletting; insecurity has escalated and terror is in the streets.

Who would have imagined that reverend fathers would be casualties at this time and age? Who would have imagined that travelling by road would be a dread and air travel prohibitive? What is APC going to tell Nigerians during their campaign with people like Shettima and Tinubu? Their level of indiscretion has reached an alarming proportion and someone should put a stop to it. President Buhari who looks tired and disinterested has not shown any leadership quality either. It sounds funny, but that is the way it is. Not to lose track of the day’s activity, I tried to put myself together, started my car and drove out into the busy road.

As I did so, my attention shifted to the faces of commuters speeding back and forth. Their expression was furious and desperate. You could read the tension in their faces and no wonder at the slightest provocation they flare up like wounded lions. With the rains now heavy, I told myself to be careful. I wouldn’t want to remember the deceptions, falsehood and the deliberate attempt to mislead Nigerians. No one ever bargained for what we got under this APC administration. Unbelievable; Nigerians have never had it so bad; and I doubt if anyone understands the grave implications of turning a blind eye to something that portends danger to Nigerians.

By this time, I had reached my office and made efforts to come down. My heart was heavy and I tried to steady my nerves as I walked towards the office. Deception, I blotted out! 2023 could be a more dangerous turf unless these people are stopped in their tracks. I climbed the steps and entered my office and shut the door. It was already 10.30 am and I quickly settled down to work shifting my thoughts temporarily to the back of my mind;  my country must be free, I told myself.