Fake Prophets Flood Abuja, Residents Warned


Abuja, the Federal Capital City may now be unwittingly, home to several fake prophets!  These men and women have perfected their oratory strategies so much that radio stations have been taken over with their robust tongues, mesmerizing unsuspecting victims to come forward for miracle, deliverance and success. 

“These prophets are very clever”, explains one Mrs. Vera Chinwuba.  “They play on your intelligence promising you instant turn-around”, she stressed.  “Then, before you know it, you are fleeced of huge sum of money”, added Vera.

Our investigations reveal that these “men” and “women” of God hardly show restrained when they are after “converts”, because they are blinded by the spirit of “get-rich” mania. 

After promising you of “deliverance” from stagnation, promise and fail syndrome, bad luck, setbacks, generational curses, they proceed to charge you various “fees” for “consultation”, “building offerings”, “Pastors offering”, “Welfare offering”, etc.  “That’s sheer robbery”, Mrs. Vera stated.