Edo Decides 2020: Out In the Cold, Siberia Beckons For Oshiomole, Tinubu



In those early days, there was some kind of promotion that we dread in the practice of journalism especially when you are to be punished for some kind of offence—or when the “big ogas” hate your face; that is when you are “promoted out of relevance ” for instance,  from the position of “editor” to that of “managing editor”. Fine, you will be given a big desk, office, but absolutely no responsibility and of course no more brown envelope! That’s how we derived the lingo “out in the cold” or “promoted to Siberia”. Usually, your colleagues would feign sympathy for you but in actual fact rejoice because it was possible you were “chopping” the “brown envelope” alone—like the arrogant Oshiomole has done for the past 16 years–while others wallowed in envy —and poverty! Likewise in politics, the same applies when you are obdurate, disdainful to the yearnings of the people you have oppressed for so long and don’t know when to call it quits; when they cry to God as the people of Edo did, their prayers would surely be granted. Where are all the saboteurs who aligned with Oshiomole against the lovely people of Edo State? Where are the “Helicopter” flying”, the “Supreme Court” governors of Nigeria? What about “Gandollars”, the much anticipated “lions” and “tigers” who were supposed to have made minced beef of Obaseki? Where is the Capt? Hosa Okunbor’s, the Inegbiniki’s, the Kabaka’s, the Ihonvbere’s, and the David Imoise’s who conspire to subvert democracy? Where are the 14 Assemblymen who ran to Abuja, paid obeisance to Oshiomole—their tin-god—and abandoned their legislative duties? Where are the Mustapha Lecky’s, the Alimikhena’s who would always exploit the people for their selfish ends? And where is the boastful deity called Tinubu, has he not been demystified? Does he still retain his mythical nature after this shameful defeat by a lesser-known people? Upon all their bravado, so they could not even win one local government? So it has been pretence upon deception all along? They hide behind the scene to share public positions; the Ize Iyamu camp was so sure of victory that they were arguing for who would be Chief of Staff and so on and so forth. Huge sums of money that ought to have been channelled to improve or impact on the long-suffering masses wasted on the pretext of awarding bogus contracts; they have a voluptuous appetite so much that billions mean nothing to them. The curse of former governor Ambode has finally caught up with them. A fine gentleman, performing governor who pleaded, begged with his wife to be given a chance; APC governors went on their knees and pleaded; even the president of Nigeria added his voice for him to be spared; they maliciously yanked his name from ministerial nominees as well; but who are you—ordinary humans—to talk to Dagon, the gods of the Philistines (people who represent opposition)? Like the Igbo proverb would say “the popular native doctor hides his head in shame when his child dies from unknown ailment and is taken away for burial”, meaning his so-called medicinal charms, amulets has failed! Like Dagon, the gods of the Philistines was cut down to size with his arms and legs amputated and finally, his head decapitated to show who is indeed God. On Saturday, September 19, the God of the masses finally put “the General Officer Commanding” Alhaji Asiwaju Tinubu and his “deputy chief Commandant, Southern War Front, Edo State Battlefield” High Chief Comrade Adams Oshiomole to shame.  The same way they maltreated decent Nigerian politicians, they got it hot—unrestrained. Edo State, and indeed Nigeria and the rest of the World is agog because democracy has triumphed; the will of the people have not been subverted; The spirit of service, loyalty, commitment has now been restored; patriotism—this word has been missing—would gradually return; the kleptomaniacs, those who regaled in bombastic jargons to steal our collective mandate should now be prepared to face prosecution Like the boastful Haman in the Bible; like he was finally crushed,  this one’s should not be spared either. They promoted sectionalism, mediocrity, instability and fear; they trampled on the will of the people and deprived them of virtually everything—education, prosperity, and hope for the future; thus, people who ought to graduate as doctors, lawyers, architects, found themselves becoming shoemakers, petty traders, experts in menial jobs—all because some greedy and opportunistic “leaders” cornered their wealth. Why the Benin Specialist Hospital still in ruins and nobody has yet brought Oshiomole who pocketed the funds meant for its repairs to book? Because he was a godfather!  In Lagos, Tinubu is known to own everything, decide everything and terminates anything; he lives in splendour, obscene wealth and double standards; his wife is a three-time senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and as we hear, is priming his son as next governor; is there no one (Lagosian) in the House of Saul (streets) for me to bless, asked the Lord! Are there no other Nigerian deservedly to be elevated? And God said let there be light in Edo and Lagos State—nay Nigeria! Goliath thundered against the Israelites and they trembled in fear…but David came along; When it mattered most President Buhari came along to puncture the evil machinations and conspiracy of the modern-day wicked Haman’s and Goliaths; they met their waterloo; their Achilles heel being over-dependence on charms, amulets, derived from their hideous backyard shrines. When the light comes, darkness will give way; that’s why those 31,000 policemen ended up wining and dining with the oppressed people of Edo State instead of joining in the conspiracy. Just like no thought was given to Ambode so also none will be given to them when they go into Siberia.  They said he was a good performer but not a party man; what rubbish! For Obaseki, they said he is a dictator; how come? They couldn’t offer any excuse; and why would tin gods offer any excuse to us mortals? Just take him out; that’s why Oshiomole came and said “I apologize for bringing a “devil” before and now want to correct the mistake by bringing another “new Satan”! Ghosh! Oops! After all, they are supposed to be magicians and don’t forget—godfathers too. When the final results are announced, the Edo people would pour into the streets to celebrate their freedom; it has been a long-fought brutal battle; Obaseki showed grit, he showed boldness and proved he was not a coward. He showed he is a capable leader and vindicated the words of Oshiomole himself who had previously told Nigerians “every success we had during my 8 years as governor should be accredited to Godwin Obaseki”!  Now as they prepare to go into Siberia (a region of coldness) and out of political relevance, they will now learn to feel the way others they maltreated felt during their inglorious reign. They will now learn to respect the rule of law and justice. Prince Tony Momoh has been vindicated; he warned them but they wouldn’t listen.Siberia is cold but it is also a school for correction. Let them go there and experience the realities of life. Goodbye.