Edo 2020: This Is Your Last Supper Group Tells Oshiomole.


Comrade Adams Oshiomole has been labelled as treating the September 19 governorship elections as his last supper. This is because, having been dethroned from his Olympian height, he now sees himself as jobless; therefore, the only way out for him to be relevant is to cling to Edo State as the last straw,  before being consigned to history. The trouble, however, is that his mission cannot be attained without peddling falsehood since he has no tangible achievement for anyone to copy—or emulate. However, respite came the way of the Edo people from his sharp tongue when leaders of the Concerned Nigerians in Diaspora (CND)   rebuked him for shamelessly spreading falsehood and deepening immorality in Nigeria’s politics. The Group in a statement made available to the newspaperman, condemned the attitude of the former national chairman of the ruling APC for his sudden turn around to portray the APC governorship candidate as a saint and castigate the reigning Edo State Governor Obaseki in public without manners. “We are shocked that this is happening at our time and even the elites and stakeholders who should caution him are looking on”, said Chief Victor Aibangbe. “The worst thing is that what lesson does he want our children to learn from this sickening habit of pure lies and fabrication; what morals is he teaching our youths?” he queried. Angry that the world knows that he is deliberately peddling falsehood and unable to prevent him, Chief Aibangbe regretted the day Oshiomole entered politics. He said that as a Nigerian who has tasted power rising to the position of national labour leader, two times governor of Edo State and national chairman of a ruling party, the least expected of him is to play the role of an elderly statesman, instead of ridiculing himself in public. “Oshiomole served two-term as a governor; we all know how he went around on his knees begging to be allowed to contest for his second term”, Chief Victor continued. “Why does he not want another person to complete his own term? What type of politics is this”, he asked. The statement read that if Oshiomole was the one in Obaseki’s shoes he would have arrested Obaseki for pouring insults on him as a serving governor. “Does he even think Ize Iyamu would dance to his tune assuming he wins?” Chief Victor asked again. “ either way he is going to meet his Waterloo; he was the one that pushed Obaseki out of APC, somebody must tell him that his antics are too well known. “This man is teaching our children the wrong values; he is too arrogant and wants to be on top all the time”, he stated. Chief Victor observed that unless Obaseki does not know his onion before Oshiomole can succeed in achieving his aim. “God forbid that Oshiomole succeeds in Edo State to reproduce what he did in Lagos State”.  Chief Victor went on to state that the spirit of the injustice in Lagos State where a performing governor was innocently removed would continue to haunt Oshiomole and his co-conspirators until they go back and correct their evil mistakes. “That spirit is alive in Edo State and will never allow them to succeed”, he concluded chanting “EDO NO BI LAGOS” and Edo State is not Oshiomole’s property.