Edo 2020: The Final Lap: Tribute to Oshiomole for His Gallantry in Deception


Now the plot is taking shape. With the drafting of those who helped to rig the elections in Osun, Kano and Kogi States, the drafting of DSS, Army, Navy, plus the stylish selection of INEC officials loyal to the APC;  the previous cover by the Attorney General of the Federation given to the renegade Assemblymen, the arrest of those alleged to have removed the roof from the Assembly House, the slant reporting by two national newspapers, the unwarranted branding of Obaseki as a dictator by Tinubu who has now launched his own presidential ambition, the final interview given by Capt. Hosa Okunbor declaring Obaseki unfit to govern Edo State; the alleged gathering of thugs in a certain APC chieftains’ house in Uromi ready to impersonate the army and police on election day; the coast is now clear for the use of force to remove Obaseki—unless the people resist! That’s how it has been on the road to Osadebey House with Comrade Adams Oshiomole the chief architect of the whole drama. But before we proceed let us quickly point out that the biggest shock here is that: democracy is all a ruse–a huge— pretence; hence the whole talk about transparency, good governance, real democracy is pure hogwash. There is nothing like that. And as things stand now it seems inevitable that power brokers prefer a return to the era of thuggery, the imposition of levies, fines, penalties and possibly extortion of any kind. That’s what it means to pander to the dictates of the much-hated Comrade Adams Oshiomole. Who is he anyway? Let’s take a look at his pedigree. No one actually knows when he was born, but from sketchy details put together by those close to him, he looks to have come into this world around mid-1952. This may well be guesswork, but nevertheless, let us proceed. Because of his rough background, he grew up in very tough circumstances which perhaps may have shaped his gritty approach to matters whether civil or otherwise. Because of acute shortage of any finance, records hold that fate eventually threw him to become a trader and a shop steward at a very tender age. But his Spartan upbringing would later manage to force him into the Arewa Textile Company in Kaduna where he was said to have joined the Union.  He swiftly rose to become the Sec-Gen of the National Union of Textile, Garment and Tailoring Workers Union! No wonder opponents sometimes ascribe to him the tag of a good tailor and shop attendant! Meanwhile, it is not known when he attended one Ruskin College in London or which certificate he acquired but he was later nominated to attend the prestigious National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies in Kuru, Jos—possibly out of his connections. Thus, the man whom nature did not spare while growing up was to have destiny propel him to stardom when he became national labour leader from 1999 -2007. He served two terms and moved on luckily to become Edo State governor where he also served two terms. And from there to the apogee of his career as APC National Chairman for two years before he was yanked out due to uncontrolled rage. From his background and upbringing, it is easy to see that Oshiomole had leant the very hard way. He must have envied his mates whose parents sent to Ivy League schools while he, Oshiomole could only afford to become a tailor and a shop attendant. This perhaps may be the reason why he developed such visceral hatred for orderliness and decency; this also may be the reason when he eventually broke through the ranks of the nouveau rich he developed excessive pride and maniacal tendencies. That’s why the word tolerance appears to be missing in his dictionary and also why Edo people are in trouble judging from the unrestrained streak of brutality with which he pursued Obaseki. For such a man who rose from the very nadir of life, it is easy to understand why he cannot forgive; no wonder he is more at home when involved in political brawls employing every crude tactic including fowl means to shoot down enemies. However, for a man who went through such grind and yet has such excellent command of English, he really must have done his homework very well. By and large, for all his gallantry and brilliance, Edo State—indeed Nigeria would have benefitted more had he channelled his energies to developing humanity and democracy—not for high profile deception. Now instead of praising him for defeating poverty and becoming a known force, he is going down history lane as the man who subverted the people’s will. Finally, you may be adept at telling little lies, small as thorns, they will grow up to act as spear with disastrous effect on the liar.