Edo 2020: Rising Forces against Godwin Obaseki (Part 1)


Barring any unforeseen circumstances and contrary to wild spread permutations Obaseki whom Nigerians now fondly call G.O.  has all but himself to blame should he lose the coveted crown at the Osadebay House. The popular “wake and see” governor who his critics say rose on the back of the Tiger called Oshiomole to power, from indications emerging from the informal sector, now seem poised to be dethroned by the same Tiger—unless he reacts like the biblical King David against the lions that attacked him. Crucial to the revelations pierced together is the fact that Obaseki is still treating opposition against him with kid gloves unknown to him that the only language the Tiger understands is violence being a wild animal.

That’s why the popular insinuations out there in the streets is that Obaseki needs to understand that as it was in the days of John the Baptists, only the violent retrieves their possession. When a man who is strong protects his estate, they are safe; but when the one stronger arrives, his estate is not safe.  Though not advocating violence, the gathering forces against Obaseki have not come to parley with him: they are there to crush him. And regretfully they are not going to be persuaded. The die is cast, over now to the battlefield. That a hunter killed an Elephant is not in doubt, but whether he alone dragged the animal to the village square is the problem. That appears to be the dilemma of Obaseki, from investigations.

When a man cooks for the village, they can finish it; but when the village cooks for a man, he cannot. At this stage, the “wake and see” governor Obaseki has to prioritise his agenda—to play the politics as it should or dilly dally. This is the time to make concessions and strike deals. If he can “close deals” as a stockbroker, there is no reason why he cannot “wrap up” the same in the dirty world of politics. Nobody has a monopoly of violence. For one, the entire Edo State indigenes are looking up to him to do just that—and prevent their wealth from falling into wrong hands. These confederates who have been feeding fat from the State treasury, amassing vulgar and illicit wealth at the expense of the masses are now ready to deliver the death blow.

Ordinary “death blow” would not even satisfy these elements; the handwriting clearly shows that Obaseki would be arraigned, tried and convicted on trumped-up charges for performing brilliantly and delivering on democracy mandate instead of surrendering the State Treasury for “wakis”, that is, to “chop”. They say when an animal dies and there is no vulture flying overhead, it is an indication of a problem in the spirit world. Oshiomole, who was soundly trounced in Abuja for which the entire Edo people trooped to the streets for celebration came to Benin –and is received by same Benin’s! There is probably something wrong in the spirit realm.