Edo 2020: Research Outcome, Results Amazing, Shows Roadmap Forward.


As part of the Newspaperman own contribution to ensuring that Edo State does not fall into wrong hands, the communication firm has successfully conducted a one-week trial Opinion Poll to search the mindset of the people. Questionnaires were sent out covering the three senatorial districts; several towns were chosen for the exercise randomly; in Edo North, Afuze, Ozalla, Iyamho, Ihievbe and Okpella were selected for the poll; in Edo Central, Ubiaja, Ekpoma, Uromi, Irrua, Igueben, Ewhohinmi were selected. In Edo South, apart from Okada town, our researchers limited themselves to districts/areas such as Oregbeni, Ugbowo, Uselu, Uwelu, Ohoro, Ikpoba, Ewemade village and Ogbelaka quarters. Critical areas were identified and listed out for respondents to answer.

The criteria include character, integrity, morality, federal might, performance, transparency, Oshiomole factor, Lagos factor, hypocrisy, and insincerity and betrayal factors. Our researchers spent one week covering the exercise and a marginal three million naira spent on the exercise. The age group interrogated were between 25-55, while the class covers both the literate and the not so literate; the respondents also administered the questionnaire to the skilful class spread across artisans, traders, market women, taxi drivers, civil servants and some pressure groups. The results were shocking, revealing and touching. In a three-part serial, the editorial board will be publishing the resulting outcome from Sunday night, July 12. Edo State can breathe a sigh of relief for the impending outcome.