Edo 2020: Part 3: Poll Uncovers Home Base Plot to Foil Obaseki’s Bid


However, between Obaseki and Osaze Ize Iyamu, the poll result tended to expose Obaseki’s likely Achilles heels. Respondents predominantly from Orhionwon LGA Obaseki’s home base were emphatic in their views that Pastor Osaze Ize Iyamu appears more of a politician than Obaseki in terms of palliatives. 65% of them suggested that Pastor Osaze Ize Iyamu is the one more likely to respond positively to their financial demands than Obaseki. 35% say if you knock at the gate of Obaseki and Osaze Ize Iyamu, the cleric is the one more likely to open the door than Obaseki, accusing him of being too official!

Surprisingly, the poll results show that without Phillip Shaibu, Obaseki’s deputy, who is more fluid and adept, Obaseki would have been in limbo. Similarly, 45% of respondents warns that Oshiomole still has heavy war chest at his disposal and  Obaseki must not take chances or lose his guard or else he would have himself to blame! 35% say they would vote for Ize Iyamu if he splashes the cash.  Interestingly, 55% of Orhionwon residents hold the view that Pastor Osaze Iyamu is more clinical at reaching out to people than Obaseki who they allege is more studious and slow.  45% of respondents however reason that he has to change to win convincingly at the polls.

The major albatross of Obaseki besides his reluctance to reach out would have been his so-called dalliance with persons described as “Lagos people”; but the poll result shows that his decision to route contracts majorly through ward chairmen, youth leaders, and home-based politicians has earned him huge respect.  By far the greatest revelation of the poll is the 85% of respondents who threw their weight behind him for standing and defending the State against the onslaught of godfatherism. The poll result shows that the residents supported his bravery and determination not to be cowed by those invidious forces.  Nevertheless,  55% want Obaseki not to rest on his oars as there is still more work to do before  September 19.