Edo 2020: Part 11: Indigenes Settle For Strong Economy, Rejects Personality Cult.


In a major shift in voting pattern, Edo State indigenes have massively agreed to vote for stronger economy rather than a personality cult. In the past when popular faces ride on the heels of their popularity and creep into government house, the reverse is the case today; from corresponding results collated from the field, 80% of Edo State indigenes have decided to vote for a strong economy rather than who you are!

This is a further dent on the aspirations of Pastor Ize Iyamu who is basking on his supposed popularity. Only a trifle 10% say they want him in Osadebay House. In another twist, a shocking 75% said they will never vote for Ize Iyamu because of the Oshiomole factor stating that a vote for him is one for Oshiomole. The same percentage insisted that Oshiomole’s avarice, double standards and greed will certainly be replicated in Oseze Iyamu’s government.

On the motivating factor, 75% say the Lagos fiasco where a conspiracy was staged against a versatile serving governor masterminded by the same Oshiomole and now want to replicate same in Edo State is still fresh in their memory. That particular incident is enough to galvanize them into rejecting Oshiomole’s candidate. Proceeding forward, the poll results show that 55% of Edo indigenes condemn in very strong terms, the composition of the APC campaign team arguing that they all have a stain on their hands. 65% attributes the insecurity in the land to their maladministration giving rise to kidnapping, banditry and rampaging herdsmen; on the question of consolidating the gains of democracy, again Pastor Ize Iyamu was rejected. 55% of respondents mostly youths decried his presence at the government house saying that they detest a return to the dark days of lavish birthday parties, extravagant living pointing out that Pastor Iyamu’s football field residence is an undeniable testimony to his ostentatious taste and wouldn’t want the State to foot his future bills.

They say with the State Treasury in view, he may become uncontrollable! Only 35% believe that Pastor Iyamu’s profligacy will change since according to them a leopard hardly changes colour. Only 10% think Pastor Iyamu’s voluptuous lifestyle and appetite would change at least because of State functions. In fact, 80% of respondents in the strongest terms condemned his thirst and lust for power admitting that once voted into office Pastor Iyamu would be taken over by his godfathers and the thieving oligarch in APC, so the time to prevent that is now.

On the voting pattern, a twist was recorded in Edo North where 80% of indigenes agreed to vote for Phillip Shaibu as against only 10% for Oshiomole.  Another 10% say they will wait for some time before deciding. They described Oshiomole as very disappointing, a camouflage and too proud. In Edo Central, Obaseki scored 75% in voting pattern as against 15% for the APC. In Edo South, another twist was recorded with the entire respondents settling for Obaseki.

The research returned a verdict of 85% votes in favour of Obaseki with an insignificant portion having anything to do with Iyamu.  Virtually everyone in Orhionwom LGA distanced themselves from Iyamu, stating that he is only after himself—and pockets.  The respondents say they see him as the face of Oshiomole and as such would having nothing to do with his aspirations. The research finally concluded that 90% of the entire indigenes will vote in favour of a strong economy rather than a strong individual who will fritter away their collective heritage! In the end, Edo South emerged as the strongest forte of Mr Godwin Obaseki contrary to the widespread belief that votes would be evenly shared.