Edo 2020: Nigerians in Uk Throws Weight Behind Obaseki


Mr Godwin Obaseki, the incumbent governor and flag bearer for the PDP in the forthcoming September 19, 2020 governorship elections has received a huge morale booster and support from Nigerians living in the United Kingdom. This cheering news emerged on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, when the leader of the Nigerians Barrister Iyare Natama spoke to correspondents of the Newspaperman in London and called on Edo State people to stand firm and not to be divided. “We want Edo State people to call the bluff of politicians trying to divide the state for their own selfish ends”, he declared. “There is no need for a change of baton; the September elections in Edo State has nothing to do with democracy but to massage the ego of failed politicians”, he stated. Barrister Iyare cautioned the indigenes not to fall for their age-long trap of divide and rule tactics because that was the usual strategy they deploy to have access to the treasury. “Obaseki has performed and is still delivering the goodies of democracy, this is the time for everyone to support him to achieve the desired goal”, he declared. The London based lawyer went on to extoll the qualities of Obaseki for taking the bull by the horns and resisting those who call themselves godfathers. “There is no godfather anywhere; what you hear and see is just a cover-up for a few people to grab the treasury and loot for themselves”, he warned. He reminded the people that those clamouring for a change of baton were not democrats but opportunistic and selfish. “We have a governor who is vibrant, well-schooled and focused; Obaseki is not a fraud and wants the best for the State”, he said and should merit a second tenure. Barrister Iyare frowned completely at those heating the polity simply because they have a negative mission in mind. “Today everybody is talking about Edo State, what for? Was Obaseki not in APC before? Who disqualified him? What was his offence? Edo State people must know the truth; they must not allow these mercenaries to lay their hands on the treasury for that is their only purpose for fighting Obaseki”, he again reiterated.  According to him, Edo State people need creative, loyal, wise, intelligent and faithful people like Obaseki in government. “We need men of integrity; we need God-fearing people; we need people who are level headed, not combative, repressive and childish people”, he declared.  He, therefore, urged Obaseki to be bold and defend the interest of the masses until victory is achieved. “The people need good roads, constant power supply, palliatives, good business environment”, he noted wondering since when politics has been turned into a battlefield. Barrister Iyare observed that an Afemai man had ruled Edo State for eight years; now a Benin man is about to complete his own legally permitted tenure; it follows that from 2024, the Esan people should expect to produce the governor. “Who are these people coming to upset the applecart” he wondered. “We need peace in that State; Edo people should rally support for Obaseki and shame those rooting for trouble”, he added. “This is the problem with godfathers; they think they know it all, but they are wrong. Our children are growing and they need purposeful leadership; why we continue in the art of yesteryears, can’t we change for once?” he concluded.