Edo 2020: Nemesis Grips The Oshiomole Camp As D-Day Hours Away.


It is payback time for Oshiomole and his All People’s Crying Party (APC) and this is authoritative. The immutable laws of karma are about to bare its fangs. Scouts sent to the Iyamho resident of the diminutive infant terrible’ in the early hours of Thursday reportedly saw the restless comrade involved in shouting matches with subordinates and aides. “He looked confused, dishevelled and unkempt”, revealed one of the reporters. “I mean, for a man of his status who has seen it all, you are wondering what’s the problem”, the reporter added. It sounds amusing, but Oshiomole’s had taken this election personal; his implacable approach and assembly of a coalition of expeditionary forces say it all.  But he is characteristically not a student of the Bible; had he known anything about that marvellous book of life, he would have read and understood that there is a higher angle to life—mysterious though but real. I am not going to waste my time explaining the doctrine that unless the Lord builds the house, the builder labours in vain because that’s meaningless to  Oshiomole whose only language is aggression —the ability to get whatever you want through street brawl—no decorum of any sort is required. But let’s give it to him as would be explained in due course; this behaviour is typical of labour leaders the world over. Left to him, he would have long mauled Obaseki for his “inexcusable” affront to dare his authority; the process of conducting this so-called election is just–to him– a waste of time. Oshiomole doesn’t understand democracy; for him, the process is tedious and laborious; why not just grab the ballot box and forge the results, he would be heard telling close associates in those heydays of his quest for the second term. Since he was going to rig anyway, that’s all the more reason not to waste time in campaigning—something he sees as deceptive. This perhaps explains his vulgar use of words in a manner that offends sensibilities—be you Queen Elizabeth or not. Up to now, he had thrived in violently driving home his point and unabashedly encouraging intimidation and electoral malpractices wherever he is involved.  He once told Obaseki in the early stages of their quarrel that” If you don’t know how to rig election, please don’t join politics”. This is vintage Adams Oshiomole. In a despicable show with the late “Mr Fix It”, Oshiomole had aggravated his dislike for the Iyasele of Esanland by hurling invectives—call it ridiculous—at him. Many who heard some of the comments were stupefied and recoiled in their shell. Statements like “I will bury your political coffin” used against “Mr. fix it” are child play to him. Alarmed, one of the oldest online news media was to describe his threats against the same Mr Fix It as more a grave danger to democracy than anything else. “He is a good labour leader but a woeful political leader”, was the way they put it. And why not? The Daily Sun online, Jan 24, 2010, captured one of his tumultuous statements: “Whether Anenih likes it or not, I am the Chief Security Officer of Edo State; I can restrict his movement in this State if he becomes a security risk; I can arrest him, prosecute him and have him jailed”! He was referring to the legend, a phenomenon and standard-bearer of Nigeria’s modern-day democracy! For those privileged to know him, the late sage was a true incarnation of a complete politician—and democrat. Anenih hardly responded to altercations; but in a rare occasion when he did, he told Oshiomole “government is not about fabulous speeches and getting applause from students but about performance”! Performance! That word is again strange to people like him. There is no time for that when the treasury has not been fully emptied!  He would have received more applause had he fought herdsmen menace to a standstill or use his “mighty Federal” power to dualize the Okene-Okpella-Auchi-Benin highway. Oshiomole would have been the darling of everyone had he deployed his awesome mythical prowess to ensure Benin gets regular electricity supply. But the city is in a mess—incapacitated by power tussle. Obaseki had been thoroughly distracted; a man who sleeps with one eye open cannot concentrate on his job; let’s face it: he is a human being. You cannot be a governor when enemies are gruesomely breathing on your back constantly and harassing you openly; that’s what Oshiomole has done to him and the entire Edo people. Curiously a supposed illustrious son of the soil Capt. Hosa Okunbor chose the wrong moment to step into the ring; this is a bad mistake. He is too polished to get smeared in the dust that is certain to be thrown his way. The same applies to a certain Mustapha Lecky, a “gentleman” who has been in government for years and wouldn’t retire. He may have been selected to lead –as alleged—the rigging machine. He better not do it.  Oshiomole threw away the likes of Dr Pius Odubu, Ogiewomnyi and Charles Airhrevere, classy people who had supported and sponsored the party in many ways. This tells you the primordial mindset of the APC hierarchy. Thank God that a principled leader in the mould of Prince Tony Momoh has come out, to tell the truth. The distinguished Auchi Prince has let it be known that the election must be free and fair. If Oshiomole was worried about the daily bloodshed, the massacre in southern Kaduna, the paralysis of the Ekpoma-Irukpen road axis, the intolerable stress commuters express on the road he would have received adulation by now; never before has the country been thrown into turmoil; today, people are disconsolate and unable to make any meaning of life—in a democratic setting that is supposed to be a government for the people and by the people! Oshiomole is however not alone in failed political escapades. Lech Walesa of Poland and Fredrick Chiluba were equally great labour leaders with decades of experience like him, but they failed in their respective political adventure. Chiluba was pint-sized, rabble-rouser just like Oshiobaba. Their similarities are also striking. While Fredrick was a bus driver at an early stage, Leah Walesa was an electrician—just like Oshiomole who was a tailor. All three are home to Machiavellian tactics and escalated insecurity and poverty. It took a London court to cage the pint-sized Chiluba for “defrauding his people and flaunting his stupendous wealth”! Wait a minute: who will do that on Oshiomole here? This is where the laws of karma come in. We may not have a London high Court Judge here (our collective Judges are patently unreliable, fearful and sellouts) but we have our ancestors—founding fathers who have come out to avenge for the people. Their unstoppable power will silence the guns of the riggers and turn their wise men to dumbs; they will soon realize that there is a level that human intelligence can reach. God is supreme, and will certainly deliver Obaseki from the paws of the Lions and Tigers. In reference to Tinubu–Oshiomole’s godfather, Chief Tom Ikhimi said of their warped brain ‘You removed a performing governor in his prime and replaced him with another; is that democracy?” And we ask the same now” “Is it democracy to remove a man who you know has performed and replace with another you have not seen his performance?” Cheap brain! Over now to the field; let nemesis take its course.