Edo 2020: Jonathan, Secondus: Where Is Thy Voice?


Watching the proprietor of a prime secondary school in Abuja rail in the full glare of the television cameras about a threatening attempt against his life was very pathetic. While the anchor lady was struggling to restrict his comments and question the veracity of his claims—she was trying to maintain neutrality anyway–the speaker resisted furiously accusing her of trivializing a very serious matter! Unconcerned, the lady went on to yank off the microphone and said the normal words: “We are sorry that we have run out of time”! You could see from her countenance that she was nonplussed and couldn’t have been bothered whether the speaker lost his life or not. Her cold expression was enough for viewers like us to know that the speaker could have as well been talking to himself for all she cares!  This attitude aptly summarizes the tragic nature and character of the archetypal Nigerian. Unless they are directly affected, it is none of their business. This is why we are asking at this crucial moment as a sitting governor is about to be submerged by powerful elements outside his control: where are the voices of the likes of former president Good Luck Jonathan, Uche Secondus and even the PDP campaign council? Only governor Wike seems to be making an effort. Kola Ologbodiyan–the soldier without troops—has shouted himself hoarse; Should Obaseki be left to fight the battle alone? Is this no longer a PDP affair? No one is talking about the “Supreme court governor”, “Gandollars”, the “helicopter flying governor”, the “hostage-taking senator”; everyone is busy negotiating an exit route collecting “millions” to abandon Obaseki! Hmm. Such is the frailty of human beings. They lack wisdom; they lack understanding. But, here, we will not dwell much on the treachery and betrayals. Oshiomole and his backers, the APC, maybe running wild gunning for the maximum physical defeat of Obaseki thereby capturing the State Treasury, for this is the reason for the whole gragra; and like the bible captures it “they scorneth the multitude of the city, neither regardeth the crying of the poor”  in their quest to lay hold of the treasury. Women are crying, the poor laments the wasteful system while the cripple screams for justice; the disabled are left pauperized; for them, there is no mercy; the vicious goal of grabbing the treasury must be pursued to logical conclusions! But there is a spiritual angle to all of this; maybe no one is paying attention; they are all too greedy, engrossed in sharing political positions before they “win” the actual elections. For one ask God “Knowest thou the time when the wild goats of the rock bring forth? Or canst thou mark when the hinds do calve?” Definitely, we cannot answer; then another question. “Hast thou entered the treasuries of the snow or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail?” We are too short-sighted to provide answers. Here God mocks at us saying we are struggling, fighting for the little we see; yet He, in His wisdom has hidden more wealth in the snow and hail—so wonderful this Almighty God. So if we cannot tell when ordinary mountain Goats bring forth and when, why then are we fighting blindly for the common electoral victory that can only come from him? For now, Oshiomole and his APC goons may have undermined the influence of the electorate or their deceptive “power to the people mantra” but God has not forgotten them. Just as He did not forget the former Lagos State governor, so, he will not forget Obaseki in due time.