Editorial: Who Can Stop Iran, And Her Confederates in The Middle-East?


Amazingly, the only business Iran and her confederates in the Middle East know is the anticipated possible destruction of Israel, which they dubbed as the “cancer”, or harassing Americans. Since taking over in 1979 following a revolution and downfall of Muhammed Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah, the region has been in turmoil, thrown from one conflict to the other in needless hostilities; apparently basking from recent military advancements and radicalism, Iran, seems to have become uncontrollable; no respect for the rule of law and order; often, legislations from the United Nations are dismissed as mere “piece of paper”.  And since the world body failed to do anything about it, other rogue nations like North Korea, Iraq, and Russia followed, sending that region into Dante’s inferno—and sparking reprisals from victims.

They act like savage wolves, with evil impulses, giving the human race a different coloration. The hatred against Israel is boundless with childish threats reminiscent of the days of Goliaths issued constantly: “Israel will soak in blood”, “there is going to be an earthquake”, “We shall wipe out”, “we shall erase” –in this modern era! They are even ready to release missiles and rockets at the slightest provocation provided it will enhance “death to Americans.” Someone made a joke recently asking why “God did not install Iranians on American soil!” Maybe that may have softened their rabid hatred of civilization.  Iranians also give the impression that they are above the law; they invoke memories of biblical giants like “Ishbibenob”, “Saph” and the “giant with six toes and fingers”, not to mention “Goliath”, who usually comes out to terrorize the Israelites.

Iran cries wolves where there is none; they are so blessed with mineral resources, but their thirst for war remains legendary. By acquiring all sorts of weapons they now have the erroneous belief that they are indomitable, choking its own people with repressive demands. The stark reality is, they have refused to grow up—and face realities.  How long can they be shackled, weighed down by decadent policies? China has shown restraint whereas Putin’s Russia appears to have fallen into the gamble. Their senseless invasion of Ukraine is no different from the violent incursion by Hamas into Israel. If the point is to justify a push for a homeland, there are better ways to achieve that. No one makes progress by shedding innocent blood. Just listen to the cries of babies and anguish of famished people from Gaza; how can Hamas fire 4,500 rockets at a sovereign nation? And there is Hezbollah and the Islamic elements in Syria, financed by Iran.

Sometimes, the Arabs amaze the world with their mental state of mind. It is from there that suicide bombings, plane hijacking, hostage taking, beheadings, and bomb blasts in crowded places, sprang from. They have hidden the way of truth and prefer to push the world to the precipice. There is not a single grain of kindness in their staggering imperfections. As for Israel, the Iranians have the erroneous belief that they are mere sitting ducks waiting to be roasted like they did in the days of the Holocaust. More surprising is that the Iranians seem not to read or believe in the Bible. Maybe, in their warped calculations, Israel the Bible speaks so eloquently about doesn’t exist or at best an illusion. But, in that, lies a grave mistake. They call the modern-day Israelites “Europeans” who wriggled their way to the Middle East.

They delude themselves in the belief that Israel the Bible speaks so glaringly, the one that boasts of “mighty men “—the toughest warriors; men with considerable military skills; those credited with heroic feats who slew lions with their bare hands,  the sons of Asahel, Dodo, Shammah, Abner, and Joab no longer exists; men with  “many deeds”, the mighty men of David who defied the odds and broke through impossible barriers, who performed “spectacular’ task like Eleazar, Abishai, Benaiah, and Elhanan. What’s the need to try to twist history? During the British Mandate, “Palestine” was officially known in the Hebrew language as “Erez Y’srael” and this name appeared in the local currency, stamps, and official documents. “Palestine” was derived from “Philistine”. They have always existed in the region of Gaza and some parts of Tel-Aviv-Yafo.

The West Bank of today is the same as Judea. Gaza and West Bank were administered by Jordan and Egypt respectively until the 1967 Six-day War.  Those who created Israel in 1948 could have created Palestine as well. And why did they not follow it up in 1988 when they declared the “state of Palestine” in Algiers? The biggest enemies of Palestine today are the Iranians. A Palestinian State could be created today without resorting to violent means. The Iranians are only exploiting them, same as Hamas and Hezbollah! Maybe the truth will not be told, but it is too late for the Israelis to be exterminated as planned by Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Their fate is already sealed; If Israel has no right to exist as claimed by Iran, they too have no right to. They are better advised to change gears and set about finding a peaceful solution to this stubborn situation. And there is Al-Jazeera adding salt to injury! This is so bad.

History is rich for those who tried to destroy Israel. First, Saddam Hussein fired scud missiles at them; many landed in the Mediterranean Sea; Syrians fought a long battle with them; now they know better; Hezbollah, in 2006, rained down thousands of rockets; they are still standing; and lately, Hamas. Nostradamus has predicted that Iran would follow and many of their “nuclear bombs” would end up in the Mediterranean Sea! Yet they refute the claims in the Bible of God describing Israel as “my chosen people”. How humans imagine things! If Palestine is so much loved, why not cede to them a portion of the empty swaths in Egypt, the Peninsula region; in Jordan, the Wadi Rum region, visitor friendly and easy to access; in Saudi Arabia, the Jabba, Ad-Dahna desert, and Iran with the Lut Desert which lies in the Southeast of an arid continental subtropical area; they will rather build nuclear bombs than cede any portion of land to their so-called “brothers”. This is the fallacy of the Palestinian cause.