Editorial: Wake Up Call For Nass, As Buhari’s No Reshuffle, No Sack, Posture Continues.


Of every honest Nigerian living today, few can deny the existence of thick environment of fear hanging around the Federal Capital. Perhaps only Information Minister Lai Muhammed thinks otherwise; in his latest press statement, he said ruefully that the threat issued by the terrorists against president Buhari was “laughable” and should be dismissed with a wave of hand.

And as is often added “every Nigerian should go about their normal duties”. The Islamic sect had threatened over the weekend to kidnap the president himself. But on the lips of both the high and the low is the talk of imminent strike by terrorists. The reported arms build-up seems to heighten this fear and residents are jittery with the rumored infiltration of the suburbs where some Guard Brigades officers were ambushed and killed. Yet, the belief from the presidential spokesmen was that “they have done their best!”  Maybe they are following on the footsteps of Mr. President himself who declared recently that he too was “tired”. And here is another paradox: the appointment of directors to lead the campaign of the APC presidential flagbearer ahead of the 2023 general elections, despite the spate of killings and kidnappings taking place!

Political observers are galled by this development calling it the height of insensitivity! The APC flagbearer should have exercised caution instead of being pompous and irrational. Elsewhere, in the senate another drama was unfolding where Ahmed Lawan the senate president demonstrated that his loyalty lies with the president–not with the nation!  So when some opposition senators rose up to mount pressure on him to debate the current insecurity, he bluntly refused and instead adjourned  to September.  Of course, this was all a ploy to buy time for the embattled president who apparently has no clue to solving this dangerous security concerns. Senator Ahmed’s refusal led the senators to threaten the president with impeachment. They would later stage a walkout.

People are really suffering and NASS members must realize that this should not be business as usual; they must also steer clear from dirty politics; NASS members must realize that this is the time to confront a common enemy –the Islamic State for West Africa (ISWAP) and the Ansaru sect who are hell-bent on setting the country ablaze. The collapse of the economy plus the impending catastrophe should be the tonic to ginger NASS members to action.  And curiously too, the invasion of the Kuje Correctional Center by the terrorists has not led to any reshuffle, sack or resignation!

Nigerians who had hoped for drastic action are completely disappointed. President Bihari’s lackadaisical attitude  is too worrisome. He must show seriousness in his job. The situation on ground goes beyond ethnic and tribal jingoism.  Unless a secret plot exists as has been whispered repeatedly, there is no better time for all segment of government to actually get down to business: the need to urgently protect this country can no longer be debated. No matter the rumored plot, it is doubtful if those in the corridors of power would prefer an Islamic State terror group to supervise affairs of this country.

This should be a clarion call also to those who owe their loyalty to where they come from, to think otherwise and work to protect the Federal Republic. As reported in the news media, there is more reason to use their “so-called numbers” in the House to flush out the ISWAP than to consider impeaching any principal officer. Unless they are in cahoots with the invading sect, then they are free to carry out their threat; but they should bear in mind that without a peaceful atmosphere like the type currently enjoyed by Nigerians, nothing thrives-including the safety of their lives and property.

There must be a price for complacency; Buhari’s foot dragging on critical national issues, and his refusal to change or bring in fresh hands all through his administration is s preposterous; who knows/ this may well be the reason why insecurity crept up right down his door step! Wake up Mr. President, wake up.