Editorial: Tinubu On the Cusp of History:  Was This the Buhari Promised Legacy?


First, Godswill Akpabio, a celebrated corrupt Nigerian was declared ‘elected’ for another term in office as senator. Here, was a guy who was once a senator, then governor, Minister and now coming back again as a senator. This is more like a roulette game—no longer an honorable thing to do. Akpabio had faced a series of corruption charges; the latest being the scandal that erupted in NDDC where he held sway as the supervising minister. Nigerians cried foul for him to be sacked. Buhari turned deaf ears and the man remained in office. When it was time to contest for the presidential ticket of the APC he willingly left. He could have returned if he wanted to and would have been served coffee at the presidency. Now, in an election where the broad spectrum of Nigerians demanded change, the man has slipped back through a sham democratic process.

His other colleague in the same boat, one Ahmed Lawan strangely has adopted the National Assembly as his second home; he did not participate in the primary election of his party; he wanted to be the presidential flagbearer; he lost and through a weird supreme court judgment two weeks to the final submission of the list, ‘regained’ his ticket in a surprised judgment. Now he has ‘clinched’ victory at the polls to return to the senate for the fifth time! If this is not a horror show, then nothing else will. Move over to Lagos State where Mr. Femi Gbajabiamilia also ‘won’ a record fifth term in the House. ‘Gbaja’ is one of ‘baba’s boys who has made the House their natural abode.

By the time other results are compiled, baba’s boys including Obasa and his cohorts would have ‘found’ their way back to ‘enjoyment’. Nigerians can wallow in abject poverty, that’s no skin off their nose! Over to Edo State where Oshiomole, a hardened and serial lawbreaker after hoodwinking the gullible public and twisting the hands of the electorate is claiming victory and celebrating the imminent ‘victory’ of his ‘boss’ Baba Bola Tinubu. At the national scene, Tinubu the most brazen and determined enforcer of indiscipline, the one who leads the pack of corrupt and depraved assembly of reprobates, against the odds is about to be announced as the next president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This is much to the consternation and complete disappointment of Nigerians. At this very moment, they feel betrayed by Muhammadu Buhari who swore to give them a worthy legacy.  But to their utter chagrin, not only has Buhari failed, he has unabashedly handed to Nigerians somebody who is vilified abroad lacks morals at home, and is bereft of any scruples. Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not the leader Nigerians want, neither was he elected by the voting public; Baba Bola Tinubu is on the cusp of victory because of the evil machination of the perverted souls who call the shots in Nigeria; the ruling All Progressive Congress few who will stop at nothing to hang on to power.

Otherwise, people like Oshiomole, Akpbio, Lawan, and Gbajabiamila would not dare present themselves for election. El-Rufai who was shouting hoaxes about nothing has cunningly gotten his son elected into the House of Representatives! This is what is all about—self-edification. It has never been for the people; that’s why the nation is on the brink—on the verge of collapse. How will Nigerians endure another torrid four years of these brigands and shylocks?   What are they going to tell Nigerians?  Now, the opposition parties have seen that instead of teaming up to crush APC, they were all bickering over who to be president.

Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Atiku Abubakar, and Peter Obi who could have teamed up against the oligarch went their separate ways. Why didn’t they copy from the APC example which, in 2015 joined forces to drive the PDP from power? Now, they have to lick their wounds. Tinubu and his band of evil confederates are celebrating; they are going to graduate from looting Lagos State to the Federal Level. Nigerians were warned about this; they prepared and came out to stop it. But INEC had other things in mind. Instead of allowing the BVERS to work, they deliberately sabotaged it and started transmitting results manually. Of course, this was premeditated and surely a crooked way of formulating and padding fake results.

This is a sad day for Nigeria—and the electorate. The same crooks coming back to power! Nothing worked under this APC regime in the past 8 years; the country was held by the jugular–at a standstill; Babatunde Raji Fahola told several lies of making a belief system that is working; but on the ground, Commuters and travelers saw hell on the roads; under this APC regime, innocent Nigerians dread traveling for fear of being kidnapped; the kidnappers were so bold, they held their victims for hundreds of days and even posted videos! The state was powerless; nothing was done to save human lives; For the first time, Nigerians became so scared, they dared not travel by any means –including railways.

The same APC is coming back to power! Definitely, what INEC is going to announce is not the will of the people—but that of a clique—a wicked set of depraved Nigerians. INEC collected billions from the national treasury to buy all they needed to make this a memorable one; upon the billions, they ended up jettisoning the much-trumpeted ‘electronic transmission of results. They will not be ashamed; oh yes; in Buhari’s Nigeria, nothing like that takes place—except pride—obdurate pride! This must have been a well-planned secret kept by Buhari and his reclusive associates. This was the legacy they have been talking about. They have done their best; next is the will of God to manifest.