Editorial: The Aftermath Of Covid-19: Bringing Nigeria from the Brink.


By the end of 2020, it is reported that the Chinese Government hopes to wipe out poverty entirely from its territory. This is not sudden; it has been gradual. The government of China has a policy of empowering young entrepreneurs, extending credits to the poor to engage in profitable business, and have a robust plan to prevent epidemic outbreak as well as ensure affordable healthcare.

The most enduring perhaps is the ability to engage all graduating students from the University especially those technologically sound. Today, there is a slogan in place: “help the next generation of Chinese youths to grow”! The mountains, hills, savannah and arable lands, the forest and dry lands are all exploited by government not to mention the mineral resources harnessed for the improvement of income per capital.

The average Chinese are proud and confident. He is patriotic and ready to contribute his best to his proud country. No wonder, collectively, they confronted and defeated dreaded the corona scourge as swiftly as it came. Now roll over to Nigeria. As we battle our own first major test with oil revenue down to its lowest ebb, government activities shut down completely, other private and public life affected drastically, how can the country survive?

This question is pertinent because governance have been taken for granted and degraded to abnormal levels. The whole country manipulated by ethnicity, driven by lopsided appointments, skewed promotions, poor planning, unpatriotic considerations, parochial mindedness, visionless planners, ego-driven maniacs propelled by pettiness, self-fish and opportunistic decisions. No disaster is enough to encourage patriotic reasoning; spur performance and introduce professionalism into nation building. If only a section of the country’s multi-tribal entities are qualified enough to hold all viable positions; if integrity, dignity and extreme ethical standards are dropped in almost every consideration, how would the country beak out from its doldrums?

How would the country not stagnate? When a few people insist that the country is meant for them…..for no other reason other than to stay there. Now the world has advanced technologically in every strata of life and we are still a toddler nation, groping for panaceas every time faced with problems. How would a country survive when there is no single plan for youths, no plan to wipe out poverty; electrify is still a major scourge 60 years after independence!

Where are the National Assembly members, including those who are adept at performing “oversight” functions? Where are those who disturb Nigerians with “probe” and “probe” all the time as though the country thrives only on politics!  It is now clear that the billions lavished on the Legislature is sheer waste. Now the poor is left to rot. The so-called distribution of palliatives is not spared ethnic coloration; Why not? All those handling the distribution are from a particular section of the country. Hmm, so much for democracy!

We must change. The security challenge is a wakeup call; most villages under ravages in the north are mere patches of thatched huts not fit for human existence; yet, those are local governments that enjoys federal allocations; no one is asking where the funds go to. We talk of corruption and only few people-especially enemies of certain people —are harassed and jailed.

This is not how to build a nation. Nigeria must become creative to spring out from the brink. Nigeria must shift from hero worship and do the needful: centralise the wealth of the nation, allow the youths to grow, introduce handwork for every Nigerian living and place more value on productivity and shun consumption. Above all, no one must see himself above the law.

There is good news however: and that is we either change ourselves or technology will do it for us. The damage we have done to ourselves is too much. Now, China is introducing robot driven taxis, while in Nigeria it is Uber or “one chance” taxis. We don’t even have operational airline. Oh, how deep we have sunk as a nation!

If we can obey the laws to cage covid-19 why can’t we obey the same laws to build our nation? After 60 years it is clear a section of Nigeria cannot build the nation alone; that deception ought to stop.  Like it or not, a time is coming that we would be talking of technological superiority instead of ethnic jargons. This generation of politicians have so destroyed whatever spirit d’ corps that is left. When a plate of soup contains so much junk the blind man will know.