Editorial: Palestine: Hamas Extremism and Genocidal Streak Against Israel.


The only slogan found on the bodies of slain Hamas fighters on that eerie Saturday morning was to “kill”, “kill” and “kill” the Jews wherever they find them. It was a message that foreclosed any kind of settlement. This message is self-explanatory; had the Hamas fighters the capabilities, no Israeli would be alive today, much less any talk of ceasefire in Gaza. It is amazing that a section of the world chooses to condemn the Israelis for defending themselves against a confirmed and determined enemy.  Let’s face it:  Hamas is driven by genocidal tendencies, but they horribly misjudged the mood of their fellow Arabs; Having nursed the vague idea that their disgusting ideology was secretly acceptable by them, they reasoned quite irrationally that, by initiating the vilest of attacks against Israeli citizens, fellow Arabs would rush out in support and join the unrest that was anticipated to follow. But the madness and the archaic reasoning have fallen flat on their faces with many Arab states opting to distance themselves; they didn’t even have to wait for the lethal Israeli backlash that followed. Unlike previous wars when Egypt and the rest would broker a ceasefire and Hamas would take advantage to regroup, this time, there is no stopping the Israelis. According to Benjamin Netanyahu, Hamas has crossed the boundary of no return and there is no better time to deliver the “final solution”, notwithstanding the outcry from the wailing world. Hamas knew the consequences of their folly but choose to rely on the power of the media to draw sympathy; that again failed woefully; no one in these modern times wants to witness the orgy of spilling human blood especially now that CNN and other international media are beaming unfolding events right into their bedroom’s!

In a recent interview granted by one Yahya Sinwar, one of Hama’s mindless leaders, he typically dismissed the ongoing carnage and said their primary objective was to bring the Palestinian question to the front burners of world politics! The thousands of his brethren killed in the piecing Israeli response meant nothing to him—and his cohorts. That’s what Hamas stands for self-adulation and aggrandizement!  Perhaps they would have been listed for the next Oscar for their heroic feats.

By now, Hamas already knows it has been outwitted which is undoubtedly an eye-opener; that, they are far more into a greater mess—for daring the “beast” in their own lair is like jumping into a moving train. Maybe they thought this was a scene from the Hollywood movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger would creep into enemy territory and wreak havoc and still plot a striking escape; no, this is real real-life scenario where death is imminent and social life rubbished. Had Hamas reasoned properly, they should have known how despised they are before their fellow Arabs; not many regard them as significant; infact, a good number of Arab states detest their corrosive presence and would rather they never existed. This is why the Israelis have capitalized on this blunder to rain down fire and brimstone.  Since 2005, when they took over the impoverished territory, they have acted as the authentic harbingers of the destruction of the Jewish state; whatever informed that precarious view, no one knows.

Now, it should be obvious to them that this is Mark Girland all over again in “This is for Real” thrilling novel. Before their very eyes, Gaza is being razed to the ground—all because of their foolish gamble; you do not kill 1,400 innocent souls and expect a grin and a pat on the back; come to think of it; Hamas is even not fighting a just cause, advocating for the complete elimination of one race in favor of another is not the best of ways to pursue a claim. There has never been a more preposterous idea that is doomed to fail from the beginning!  The Israelis are well prepared and not going to come down whimpering, begging for mercy, and cringing with fear. As is obvious, the “children of Isaac” know how to rally themselves. Those needless demonstrations that almost consumed Israel followed the attempt to water down the powers of the Supreme Court, and to the consternation of the world, the enemy mistakenly exploited the gap to strike.

In truth, Palestinian misery is prolonged by the senseless desire of wanting the Right to Return to areas called “occupied territories”. That’s not ever going to happen; if it was so 2000 years ago, not anymore; otherwise why is there evolution? Why can’t dinosaurs resurrect and insist on their right to exist? why can’t Gaza and the West Bank be developed? Are both territories bigger than Comoros Island or Mauritius? They are simply greedy and want to reap where they have not sown! They look at Israel and are green with unparalleled envy; this is the mark of laziness and the same aimless traits that left the land of Palestine fallow for ages.  Anyway, Qatar is there to be harvested.  Afterall, that’s where Hama’s destructive leaders are ensconced. At this point, it is advisable for the United Nations or G-7 or G-35, whatever they are called to commence the process of exploiting this “bright’ idea of converting Qatar to Palestine. Oh, what a beautiful way to show love to a compatriot!

It only demands a bold decision to push forward this vision. Moreover, Palestinians should know that countries screaming murder against the Israelis are only paying lip service to their plight. They need to come down from their high Horse and face realities; Hamas is no more than shrewd businessmen using Gaza to profit and rake in millions. Hezbollah, another implacable foe of Israel often threatens and warm of “catastrophic” consequences, each time, promising to deploy their arsenal of “precision-guided munition” at Israel, as if to say, the Israelis have only bows and arrows including cudgels and cutlasses in their arsenal! But as a way forward it sounds more plausible for Qatar to be renamed as “Palestine” Should that happen, why wouldn’t peace return to the Middle East? Qatar is the underground powerhouse for fighting the Palestinian cause. Al-Jazeera follows suit by helping to spread hate around the world. It is right for the United Nations to think alongside this line and “free” Palestine.

For now, the fleeing Hamas “mujahedeen’s” should stop by in Qatar; the foot soldiers have been bloodied on the battlefield, and is now time to rest their battered psyche; this would be a sharp departure from that bloody day in Sderot when a Hamas terrorists lifted and struck a quivering child with such violent blow that cracked his skull instantly! The terrorists were reportedly chanting “Allahu. Akbar”. But the greatest puzzle is that “Allah” is as peaceful as can be imagined. Religion has never advocated for the massacre of civilians nor the use of vile means to achieve an objective. God will always fight for himself.  Yahya Sinwar and Muhammed Deir are definitely deranged—and in the throes of insanity. They can’t be classified as human beings. Israel is known for cult-like protection of her citizens and often considers an injury to one, much more an unforgivable offense not to mention butchering them, including pet dogs and cats!

No reason can ever justify the mass murder carried out on that black Saturday inside Kfar az, Sderot, and surrounding communities; It is sheer madness for anyone to support that bloody crime and so much for the likes of Rashida Tlaib urging them on.   Reasonable countries like Egypt, and Jordan are reaping the benefits of peaceful co—co-existence with Israel.  What is Hamas to vanquish Israel?  And now, not surprisingly, the reality on the ground is:  they have finally come to an ignoble end—crushed by their own stupid ambition. Nevertheless, its leadership can smile at their banks with their hefty loot meant for the Palestine people but stolen by them for selfish purposes; they have cleverly liberated themselves and their families by robbing the Palestinian people! That’s what being genocidal is all about– $11 billion dollars in private bank accounts! These guys are really smart; but in the process of time, their loot and political radicalism  would be history.