Editorial: Oshiomole’s Reckless Gamble as Apc Chairman!


It is no longer news that Comrade Adams Oshiomole has been removed as the national chairman of APC; what is trending now is the fact that  he told the press that part of his tremendous achievement while in office was the removal of Senator Bukola Saraki from office and the enthronement of both the senate president and Reps Speaker! Listening to him, it became immediately clear that perhaps  something was seriously  wrong somewhere; one of them is that Nigerians may have possibly overrated this former Nigerian Labor leader; Forget the fact that all he has to show for his years of existence is the Pitman certificate acquired since –according to records—1974.

Assuming that is not a problem since over the years his interaction with the top echelon of Nigeria’s cream d’ la’ cream ought to have brushed him up a bit; but hearing him announce these two cheap out- of -the -way controversial outcomes as success beats  any known imagination. Since he doesn’t know, better to tell him the magnitude or that loss. First, the position of the APC chairman may never again come to the South. Secondly, on the administrative level all his aides are automatically jobless; on the political side, higher level, Victor Giadom from Rivers, Hillary Etta from Cross Rivers, Oshiomole from Edo State—all of them southerners—could not unite to resolve their issues.

Who was involved? Obaseki—another southerner! Incredibly, it took the north one meeting to unite and agree to their suspension—and eventual disgrace. Till this report, not a single northerner has rebelled. Funny enough, Mai Bunu, Adams Oshiomole’s former National Secretary before he left to contest as governor—a northerner—is the new acting chairman! Their loss is the north gain. Double advantage. So Oshiomole, a southerner disqualified another southerner from contesting on a platform—the only one belonging to the APC in the south! What an irony.

And some people are still clapping for him. That position of the national chairman ought to have generated employment for southerners, helped to attract Federal presence to that notorious Okpella-Okene highway; not anymore. Today, the remaining renegade House of Assembly members who saw Oshiomole as god would be lamenting their lost opportunities to serve their people—not Oshiomole. Yes, Oshiomole may have built a gigantic financial fortune, acquired mansions, assumed the office of the APC national chairman was for himself; but today the youths of Iyamho are still jobless roaming the streets to rue their missed opportunities that may never come their way again.

Such is the recklessness of Oshiomoles’ gamble over Obaseki. The north are now more than ever fortified and ready for 2023. If Oshiomole was thinking outside the box, he would have perhaps come to terms with the reality. Now you understand the game: They seek power for themselves and their families alone. Away with deception!