Editorial On the Just Concluded 2021 National Migration Dialogue


By Kingsley Onyekwe, News Editor

The just-concluded 2021 National Migration Dialogue was an opportunity for HFC, Haj. Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim of the Refugee Commission to produce an unprecedented gathering of Civil Society organizations, International Partners as well as relevant stakeholders to forge ahead in Migration issues.

The Just Concluded 2021 National Migration Dialogue was no less an opportunity to showcase the strength and muscle in the durable communication process. The dialogue highlighted the importance of effective management structure, policies and attendant issues pertaining to migrant’s vis a vis their accommodation. The two-day dialogue with the respective themes “strategies for the sustainability of migration programmes in Nigeria” and “Human mobility in the context of sustainable national development” was more than appropriate. The gathering of Civil Society’s Organizations, non-governmental organizations, as well as international partners, was a pointer as to the direction of absolute collaboration that stakeholders yearn for. Understandably, the objectives of the forum were as much to facilitate a constructive dialogue on migration as well as map out sustainable plans for migration activities in Nigeria. The desire to promote resilience in that sector is testimony to the determination of the organizers to foster unity in that region.

It is in the light of this that the commission’s national commissioner deserves a huge part on the back for having the capacity and the will to enhance this dialogue. There is no better way to appreciate the skill and efficiency of a purposeful woman as head of an agency. Migration and mobility are an integral part of human nature and human mobility has become a fact of life and crucial to achieving sustainable objectives. The year 2020 had experienced an unprecedented halt in human mobility as a result of the pandemic. It is therefore delighted to welcome a platform fixated on exploring strategies and actions to deepen understanding in that sector. What is important is not to rest on our oars but to keep proffering enduring solutions to mitigating migration issues. What is even more crucial is that this event is celebrated with International Migrants Day, celebrated worldwide.

Access for migrants to basic services and health, shelter and food are non-negotiable as did remittances; these are issues that should be tackled in a wider discussion which is why the National Migration Dialogue is wholly welcomed. Haj. Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim is particularly on top of her job has gone further with the now-famous Zero Hunger Project to uplift the disadvantaged Nigerians.  She has shown excellent skill, thirst and zeal in her drive to move the commission forward. All hands must therefore be on deck to encourage her to sustain the tempo for the benefit of migrants and the larger society.