Editorial: Nigeria on The Edge


The dilemma confronting the country now is not one of reflating the economy, but how to contend with the spate of barbaric blood-letting, kidnapping, banditry and armed criminality.  This grim spectacle spreading like wildfire has even produced a twin terror – that of beheading! 

This is not all, another deadly aspect is the gruesome specter of driving through Nigeria’s decrepit roads; no matter how strong your composition, your heart is bound to melt or elicit massive fear; this is no fluke because anyone unfortunate to be caught in the cauldron will certainly be subjected to savage treatment; in nearly all the cases recorded there is often little or no retribution or even tepid response from the appropriate quarters.

  How Nigeria descended into this chilling bend is best left to imagination.  But to suggest that anarchy is not far from the corner is a big lie.  Regardless of the dreadful siege, those saddled with the responsibility of fighting back may not be conveying the right impression. 

This appears to be more of a sinister posture not to mention the perceived obdurate pride displayed in debunking some obvious truths.  Some die-in-wool apostles of the administration ought to rise above petty politicking and face the fact that our dear country bleeds.  This is not the time for arrogant boastful rebuttals of the real truth. 

Evil reigns; something more effective and powerful should be done if only to reassure Nigerians-and possibly pull them from the brink.  Suddenly, life expectancy has become brutally short amidst unnecessary cheap deaths.  This negative trend amounts to foreboding and should not be allowed to continue; it should be halted. 

This is where all Nigerians are in unison and must rise above ethnic considerations, join hands and remedy the situation.  The good news here is that there is hope.  Nigeria was not like this before; this era of destructive woes will surely come to a peaceful end with good triumphing over evil!