Editorial: Nigeria Must Move Away From Stagnancy


The theatre of stagnancy bedeviling the Nation cannot be allowed to continue much longer.  If we are to move beyond the spectre of abrupt Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) harassment, arbitral motorists obstruction by men of the Federal Road Safety Commission; frustrating Police check points at rush hours, rampant sirens by V.I.P’s not to mention the major pothole filled roads as well as indolent traffic wardens, tough decisions ought to be taken by the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration to halt this ugly trend. 

As things stand now, the nation, particularly Abuja City is cast in a pall of self-inflicted grueling task that ordinarily simple decision would have solved.

Perhaps the most recurrent disaster is the unending gridlock in major exit points in the Capital City – the result of virtually all alternative routes being pothole ridden or badly neglected! 

If Abuja is being planned as a major City, the best strategy would have been to speed up road construction; hasten expansion of existing roads, construct overhead bridges and train stations. 

But that is not the case; Abuja has been wilfully neglected by those saddled with the responsibility to put it right.  The question now is; would the next generation of Nigerians meet an environmentally sound place to dwell in?