Editorial: Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and The Islamic Jihad.


Take away these four evil and the Middle East will be peaceful and calm: Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad.  They have nothing else to offer but darkness. Their main business is to issue threats to first-world democracies; to the US, they are the Great Satan; to the Jews, they are “cancerous” and must be “wiped out”.  One of them, recently promised what he called ‘earthquake” against the Jews. Unfortunately, they look set to turn rhetoric into practice. The Ayatollahs and their Revolutionary Guards, spread hate and concentrate on building weapons of mass destruction; it is like a plaque, a dreadful disease that has eaten so deep in their character. In modern times, this is unparalleled. They use words that are comparable to “beast’, “monsters” and “fowls of the air”.

The messages are chilling, bloody, and eerie—not the sort you hear from civilized nations.  Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah has turned himself into the modern-day “Goliath” promising the Israelis “hell”, “brimstone”, “fire” and “death”. He is not joking; of course, he has 150,000 rockets stockpiled for that grim purpose.  Khalid Marshal, Ismail Haniyeh, and the elusive “Muhammed deir”, all, thrive in the shadows amidst violence. The result is unending misery, suffocating poverty, and destruction—even to their people. They think of nothing of sending children and women, to their untimely graves. Their policies have only ended up in desolation and waste. And you want to ask: what type of ideology are they spreading? Saddam Hussein; who can forget him? He ended up—after 37 years on the throne of terror—not where he wanted.

But the Confederates keep pushing, hoping to inherit the diadem awaiting them after the conflagration. They sleep and wake up dreaming of how best to eliminate the Jews on their mind. They say their land was seized and forcefully occupied. But, unless the Bible is no more to be believed, where is the “Israel” that we read of on this earth? Where is the land of milk and honey? Was Abraham a fiction? What about the era of Judges and Kings in Israel? King David, Solomon, Jeroboam, Jehoshaphat, and the rest of the fathers? Isaac and Jacob, who are they? Palestinians? If so, what about Ismail? Palestine and Gaza are mentioned sparingly in the Bible; were Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem referred to as Palestine? Specifically, in Joel 3 v 2, God was clearly angry at those “who parted his land” and his “heritage Israel”; and in verse 4 of the same chapter, He asked “Ye, and what have you to do with me Oh Tyre and Zidon, and all the coast of Palestine” Tyre and Zidon are today inhabited by Hezbollah!

And in Obadiah I verse 10, He, the Lord said “For thy violence against thy brother Jacob, shame shall be your portion and shall be cut off forever!” Clearly, the Palestinians and Israelis are related! Thus it is with dismay that the pogrom in that axis is uncalled for. There is no point Hamas tried to prove by murdering innocent Israelis’, neither is there any justification for clamoring for their extermination. To have breached the walls in Southern Israel and butchered civilians is the height of barbarism. And it is shocking to read of highly placed people actually defending the sadistic act! And the Israeli General was right in describing Hamas as “Human Animals!” Then they came out to say hostages would be shot one after the other unless the Israelis discontinued the reprisal! Up in the north, the bloodthirsty Hezbollah says they warming up to join the fight. Hassan Nasrallah has been recorded several times boosting his ability to destroy Israel.

This is happening in a legitimate country—Lebanon! Hassan should read history. If he doesn’t, he should well be advised. He can fire his 150,000 rockets or more, and his place in history is already assured: a butcher and opportunist exploiting the meekness of a people to create martyrdom. As for Islamic Jihad, they are merely seeking attention and to justify funds from their paymasters! Nevertheless, this is a lesson for Benjamin Netanyahu; he succeeded in distracting the entire Israeli military and political machinery with his cheap quest to change the Supreme Court laws. For the first time, the world was shocked to see the type of demonstration witnessed only in third-world countries. It was a shame. His refusal to back down made it so easy for Hamas to launch the surprise attack and cut short the lives of young Israelis. For Mossad, despite billions of dollars in budget, they disappointed miserably.

Recall Munich in 1972 when eleven Israelis were massacred by members of the Black September. And Israel launched Operation Wrath of God which smoked out those who participated in the killings. That’s when Mossad was invincible; Israel could not afford a weakened Mossad that betrayed the innocent souls that departed. The message here is for the Ayatollahs in Iran to turn a new leaf; they should better the lives of Palestinians and instead use diplomatic means to create a State of their own. Only diplomacy and common sense would rescue the Palestinians from being stateless. This is far more a dignifying path to follow—not strife and endemic violence.