Editorial: Hamas Terrorists Crossing the Red Line


This is not 1948. This is 2023 and the world has since been making an effort to build an egalitarian society devoid of violence, hatred, and enmity. But early Saturday, October 7, 2023, from 6.30 a.m., that fragile thread was savagely broken. Hamas terrorists crossed into Israel and butchered hundreds of civilians, children, women and elders; they made no distinction in their brutality; It was sheer madness; the bloody spectacle flooded television stations and thanks to modern technology, horrified human beings were able to witness firsthand the orgy of killings; it is said that Lions do not kill Lions;  a tiger sees a fellow Tiger and they go their separate ways; now human beings who are supposed to be higher in rankings butcher their own, dismember them without the slightest guilt.

Israelis witnessed the darkest hour in their 75 years of history. Shocked, they quickly recovered and fought back crushing the over 1,500 Hamas fighters who sneaked into Israel only a few hours before.  This was an avoidable tragedy. What message was Hamas trying to send by firing 4,500 rockets into their neighbors? That they could be annihilated? There can be no excuse for this cruel behavior. They have simply crossed the red line. And there comes a time—and this is it—for one to say enough; Iran should stop playing ostrich; they sent those 1,500 terrorists to their untimely deaths; they hide behind cheap cover to orchestrate slaughter of the Jews; they are cowardly and vain fellows; Hezbollah is like dogs that bark; modern day Goliath that threatens—shout foolishly above rooftops while hiding; since Hezbollah and Hamas emerged, the world has never known peace.

Some misguided scholars, in videos circulating, have been speaking in condemnation of Israel—they call it a Zionist state. These depraved speakers try to justify the black Saturday massacre; they twist history by comparing Apartheid South Africa to Israel. Israel was created by an instrument of the United Nations Resolution 181, also known as the “partition Resolution” as part of solving a legitimate problem while the Whites co-habited with the blacks. The blacks did not say the whites have no right to exist like the terrorists in Palestine are saying. If they are not mischievous, how could a few extremists exploit a simple history and deny the existence of a huge community of people? The history of the region currently known as Israel is intricate and deeply rooted. The region was a mosaic of communities—the Arabs, Jews, and Christians all co-habited, their lives intertwined by their religious connections to the land. Ancient history called the territory Canaan, Holy land; it was also known as Eretz-Israel, Bilad es-shem, and Djahy or Holy land.  Canaan is the ancient name of a vast prosperous country roughly located in the same place as modern-day Palestine and Israel.

The heritage of this land of abundance—flowing with milk and honey—is the source behind Canaan Palestine—an initiative grounded in culture, nature, and religion. Under the British Mandate of 1920 to 1948, the place was called “Palestine”. Post-UN Resolution called it Israel from 1948; the neighboring areas were known as “Transjordan”. In the annals of history, regions often undergo transformations, including name changes, territorial adjustments, and shifts in governance. Modern-day Israel is one such region that has seen significant changes over the years from the days of cruxification AD 27 down to the Second Advent in AD 2027. It is therefore not only a fallacy for the elements in Hamas and their irks to claim otherwise but infantile. The decision of the United Nations to bifurcate Palestine, paving the way for the creation of Israel enraged the Arabs who stoutly resisted the move, but it was borne out of necessity—and rightly so. Instead of the Arabs adopting diplomatic means to stretch the same largesse to themselves, they resorted to war.

On May 14, 1948, when the last British forces left Haifa, the Jewish Peoples Council convened at Tel-Aviv and officially declared independence. Pre-1948 events underscore the deep-seated animosities and rivalries leading to long-standing tensions between the two groups. Recognizing this fact is crucial to contextualize the prevailing dynamics and conflicts in the region. After the six-day war, Israel captured Palestinian Arab territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza, and the Sinai Peninsula, as well as the Syrian Golan Heights. Yasser Arafat was the best-known Palestinian diplomat to engage with Israel; he would have succeeded but for the same criminal elements within. Muhammed Abbas of the West Bank would soon achieve what Hamas finds hard to grapple with.

Khaled Mershel is not fighting a just cause; he is an international businessman being used by Iran for a purpose—a smokescreen to develop a nuclear bomb. He lives in luxury in Qatar, along with Ismail Haniyeh and other cohorts. The shadowy Muhammed Dief alleged to be the mastermind of this animalistic and savage attack is not a freedom fighter; he is a vengeful killer—out to avenge the loss of his wife and children; he is not a blue blood Muslim too. Muslims the world over live in peace; they are not violent. The Iranians who espouse violence against the Americans calling them various names—Satan, devil—seldom resort to debauchery. They shy away from bloody confrontations—but encourage their proxies to embrace such; Vladimir Putin himself with a fearful reputation would hesitate to use sledge hammer on children or raze down an entire community. He may be wicked, but not a fool like the Hamas terrorists. If they are not cowards, why did they not reinforce the soldiers they sent inside Israel? Now, they are hiding in underground bunkers and taking hostages! This is not how to “liberate” a cause; when wrestlers fight, they remain inside the ring! For the more than 1,200 Israelis killed on that black Saturday, Hamas has crossed the point of no return; this war should be fought once –and for all, with no ceasefire. Those Israelis were unarmed; they were after their own business of ecstasy before the unprovoked attack. Their blood will never go in vain. It will be a taboo to let Hamas return to Gaza.