Diaspora Chief Lavish Praises on Buhari, Lampoons Nddc


Comrade James Erebuoye, the President of Concerned Nigeria Network in Diaspora as well as Campaigner for transparency in Governance has lavished praise on President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Convener for good democracy hailed President Buhari as the man best suited to preside over the affairs of Nigeria at this moment because of his stellar qualities in combating corruption.  “I can tell you that President Buhari has no friends, has no time to gallivant and is focused on good governance”, he stated.

Since, the arrival of President Buhari, Comrade James noted, corruption has been fought to a standstill and sanity has been restored in the financial system.  “Check out the pattern of arrests and you find that there are no more sacred cows”, Comrade James admitted.  “This is what we need for Nigeria”, he stressed. 

Speaking further, Comrade James blasted the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) for frittering away the financial goodwill in that region.  He particularly frowned at the widespread corruption in the commission asking “How can you have thousands of abandoned projects with all the trillion received by the Agency”? 

The ebullient comrade was particularly saddened at the stark revelation of a senator carting away 300 projects for himself. ‘This is not the way to live; what is he doing with all the projects?’ he queried. He therefore called for a clinical forensic investigation of the commission since inception.