Desists From Anti-Trump Activities, American Press Told.


There are two strong proverbs the American Press seems to have forgotten: one is that   “when one hand washes the other they both get clean” and the other-perhaps more crucial to this topic is”a blind man’s dance is only appreciated once; a second attempt reminds people of his blindness”! The manner the American Press has gone over the President Trump era amounts to nothing but sheer madness.

Most guilty in this blind pursuit are the CNN, Washington Post and New York Times. The trio have all thrown professionalism over board and it is clear to discerning observers that their mission is anything but sinister. No opportunity is missed to haul insults under the guise of “correcting” their President, be it at a critical national moments or when he is attending a World summit or any other crucial occasion.

The insults have become such that they have lost their meaning. “I don’t like watching the CNN anymore”, said one Chris Abuda a self-employed consultant. “It is a disgrace; I can’t stand it; I now tune to Bloomberg or Fox news for whatever I want from that part of the world” he told us. Broad spectrums of people have also expressed the same disdain for their “Fowl” reporting. “They are tuning journalism upside down”, said Felix Odiete. “It’s disgusting watching especially the CNN rail against Mr Trump and it is amazing the man has not flipped violently”, he stated.

“I believe they are trying to provoke the guy so that they would heat up the polity”, said Mr Felix. Both men are not the only people expressing dismay. Others too numerous to mention here are horrified that CNN has lost their content. “There is no more ethics”, wondered Ismaila Ahmed, another consultant. “They are not fighting ISIS, they are not proffering solution to America’s gun problem; they are pouring invective at a man they elected, decried Mr Ahmed.

In developing countries, this is understandable, but not in a first world country like America! “That behavior is unacceptable; they must practice fair reporting and leave the matter of Trump’s perceive gaffes’ in the hands of relevant agencies. “If they cannot tolerate him, at least let them wait till November and vote him out”, said Mr Ahmed.

For now, these media outlets are shredding the reputation of America before the eyes of the rest of the world and it is horror! “Trump is not the problem of America; they are the ones; you don’t expect Trump to fold his hands and watch his name being destroyed; he is bound to react sharply.” That’s why today, the Press in America are behaving like blind men.