Dealing with Indiscipline: The National Assembly Commission Example



The National Assembly Service Commission showed the way Policy and Administration should be run by instantly sacking and replacing Clerk of the National Assembly Alhaji Sani Omolori from office. Before then, there had been a drama with Omolori and according to reports, 150 other senior officers who had attained retirement age but insisting on prolonging their stay in office beyond necessary citing some spurious Act said to have been enacted by the National Assembly 8th senate.

But the NASC would have none of that and instantly wielded the big stick which brought relief to Nigerians. This is a far cry from the indolence that thrives at the Executive level where officers long past their prime are allowed to stay on to the chagrin of the entire Nigerians. Never before has this kind of lawlessness and indiscipline witnessed. Were this to happen at the Executive, do not be surprised they would have been tolerated. Lawlessness and indiscipline may have submerged the Executive.

Coupled with this Covid-19 period, it is like the country may have gone to sleep.  for the first time our Supreme Court even made a horror mistake by announcing a candidate who came fourth as winner of an election. Truly, all is not well.